Happy First Day Of August:) Yay

Hope Everyone Has a Wonderful Month & Find Time To Relax? Maybe With Me, Miss Wendy Arlene! After 10 Months Working On My Photography & Theme Ideas, I Added Many Videos On My Website Here. I Hope You Enjoy The Many Videos, Beach/Clothes Designs I Made In The Past 10 years to Day:) Done With Love For Life, Art & To Express Natural Beauty of Feminine Joy @ The Beach:) I Believe, a Women Does Not Have To Be Raunchy With Photos To Still Express Feminine Beauty:) If Your Far Away? You Know I Appreciate Your Text Response To How Much You Like My Website Or To Express World Events & How You R Doing Out There? I Care About You Even If I Can’t See You Too Often:) I Try To Be Different Out There? What Does That Mean Miss Wendy Arlene? I Make Sure If You Make The Time For Me? I Give You Plenty of Time For You Even If The Session Goes Over a Certain Time:) If I Have Not Meet You Yet & You R Wondering If I’m The Lass To See? I Hope So & I Know My Schedule & Yours Might Be Challenging In The Beginning Especially If You Call In The Middle Of The Day:( I Do Try Everyday to Do My Best But I Do Only See a Few Clients a Day:) Why Wendy? Why Don’t You Just Work All Day And All Night & Make Lot’s Of Money? LOL Well, First, I Want To Do Quality Work & I Also Do My Creative Projects & Studies:) I’m Working On a Second Degree. So I Do Alot Of Studying Day & Night:) If You See Me? Not Only Do I Do The Best Massage, Have The Best Music, Clean & Affordable, You Will Learn Something Cool Or Something To Think About For Sure:) Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Summer & If Your Looking @ My Post From a Different Country? I Only Speak & Read English. Sorry, Just An American Celtic Lass From Florida Raised In California:) Cheers, From Wendy & Dolly Rose, Now 13 years Old & You Will See Her In My New Videos:) Enjoy! Remember, I’m New To Using Word Press & I Don’t Get Any Comments Sent To Me:( Nor Do I Read Anything But English:) So Enjoy My Website 4 Just What It Is:) To Tell You More About Me & Only If Your Close By? Can I Help You With Massage Or Skincare:) Cheers

Happy July To All & My Friends:)

Hi Friends, Stay Cool & Smart, I Hope To Reach Out To Some Of My New & Old Friends, I’m Sorry To Sometimes Add So Much Of The Pro’s & Con’s To The Art Of Massage:( I Feel The Need To Do It To Keep Your Head Up Right To What Is The Dangers & Advantages Of Relaxation & Just Be Up Front:) Not To Lecture Or Be A Debbie Downer. Just Real & Keep You Informed So You Can Live Free & Healthy All Your Years of Life:) Remember If Your Going On Vacation? Or Feel Your Hairy Ass Is Hard To Reach With a Razer? Check Out My “Wendy’s Massage Menu’ Page & See The Difference Between My Herbal Hair Removal & Waxing… My System is From Europe & There Is Zero Pain 🙂 Enjoy a Massage For Less & Look Out For Terms, Heading & Prices If Your R Not Sure If Someone is Legit or Going To Really Gift You a Great Massage:) My Price, $80 Bucks $20 Extra For Hair Removal Best Price In Town:) What To Look Out For, Heading Like, “I Will Blow Your ?’ I Think We Know What That Means & A Price Like $160 or More Usually:( Avoid The Cons, Hepatitis A, B, & C Caused By Oral Sex And Anal:( Therefore For Your Chances R High For You To Keep a Women You Actually Will Love Safe:( & More Easily Spread Herpes Which is The Easiest To Get & Not Curable:( Yiks, So Just If I May Encourage You To Have Fun & Stay Safe Which is Important To Me, Maybe We Can Meet & You Can Feel My Hands Heal & Pamper Your Body Naturally & With Personality:) Have a Wonderful Cool Summer Friends:)

Happy Summer Time & Happy 4th of July:) Yay!!!

Hi Friends, Wow Can You Believe It’s July Already? Well, I Put My Beach Wear Up To Remind Folks To Take Advantage Of My Terrific Herbal Hair Removal Services, Only $20 Extra With Your Massage:) Without Skincare Services Only $80 Because I Want You To All Afford a Truly Wonderful Massage Without The Typical Heavy Emphasize On “If You Have to Tip & How Much To Tip Etc?:( Any Tips I Do Get? I Use Towards “Helping Homeless People & Pets’:) I Will Always Treat You As The “Unique Individual’ You R And I Hope You Do The Same For Me:) Yay I Will Have New Videos Up By The Third Week On July & You Will See My Artsy Photos Of Many of My Body Art Work:)
So Now, To “Words’ And “Terms’ And What They Mean If You R Confused About What “Massage’ Truly Is? I Take My Profession Joyfully Yet Seriously:) I Enjoy Producing My Photography, Videos, Arts & Interlace Them With My Website Here For You To Enjoy:) I Hope You Do? 🙂 I Must, Though, to my Dismay, Also Be Honest & Forth Right About Words & What They “Really’ Mean. Let’s Not BeConfused No More:) Yes? Ok, First The Word, “Nuru’ I Have Folks that Call & Say, “Hey Do You Do Nuru Massage?” Unquote, OK, What Does “Nuru’ Really Mean? “Nuru’ Was Invented In Japan To Disguise The Business Of Sex- Body Sliding-Foreplay to Sex—You Pay For Sex But It’s Disguised By Saying Nuru Massage, Massage Is Not “Nuru’ And “Nuru’ Is Not Massage:) It’s Kinda Unfair to You to Be Promised “Nuru” Pay More & Than Not Get Laid:( Right? Or To Have Someone Get Mad Because Now Your Expecting It But Than Denied:( So Watch for Terms & What They Really Mean:) I Offer “The Art Of Massage’ Trying For An Affordable Price To Offer That To You & If You Take Me Up On It:) I Believe, You Will Enjoy & I Use Only The Best Homemade “Aloe Vera Gel’ I Make Myself, No Scent, No Greasy Feel Along With Warm Earth Stones:) Have a Beautiful Summer & Hope To See You Soon-Remember I Work Part-Time So Be Patient If I Can’t See You The Same Day, I Work for Myself:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Still June But Much Going On! For New Folks About Massage

Almost July But I Feel Like It’s July Already:) So I Found One Of My Creative Art Photography Pictures:) I’m Still This Pretty, Just Have Art Work A Bit But Eating Health Foods & Being Creative Feeds My Spirit Right to Stay Classy, Sweet & Pretty:) So Yes, This Month I Have a Lot to Say….Please Please Don’t Take Someone’s Word About Any Lady You Think You Want To See, Not Even Me:) Do Your Research, Think For Your Self! Don’t Let Someone Tell You Stuff & Just Believe It:( Why Why Why? You Can Do Your Own Research 4 Your Safety Yes? No Matter If I Help With Your Stress Or Not? I’m OK, I Have Wonderful Super Nice Clients:) So I’ve Been Doing Some Research For All Of Us Being I Just Finished My Continuing Ed Credits For School:)( Just Wondering Myself, Who Is Truly Licensed In Massage or Not? Remember, I Mentioned What Happened To Me Saturday? People Will Say And Look OK But They Could Be Totally Fake! Please See My Information & Oh Here It Is– My License# MA89010 You Will See I Have My License & Love Being Just a Groovy Chick That Makes You Smile With Humor, Skill For Getting You Out Of Pain & Most of All Never a Money Grabber:)Be Careful If You Need Stronger Therapies Beyond Mine, Many Men I Guess Need More Than I Can Offer As A Massage Therapist, I Hope Not Since Some Ladies Really Do Dangerous Stuff Out There:( Remember Your Body Is Your Temple:) I Do Offer a Nice Sincere Massage & I Only Charge $80 Bucks, True Spa Prices But I’m Better Than a Spa Because I Like To Hang Out a Bit & Relax With Maybe Some Whiskey /Chocolates & Chat About Stuff & Allow My Hands To Make You Feel Better:) Life Is Too Short & Welcome To Florida If Your New… Remember Be Kind, Unwind & Know Your R Appreciate In This World:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Hot to Trot:) Cool Off With an Aloe Vera Massage:) Cool & Rejuvenating 4 You

Hi Friends, Hope Everyone is Keeping Cool? If Not Remember I Offer a Beautiful Relaxing Yet Class Act Massage:) I’m Consistent In Being a Cool Chick & Have Had My Knocks Too With The Public, Most Folks R So Kind & Never Mean:) Thank you to All My Beautiful Wonderful Clients & If I Have Not Met You Yet? Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t, that Will Be Up To Both of Us When You Call:)
I Will Also Be Kind, Let You Unwind Lift Your Spirits with My Touch, This I Promise You 4 Only $80 Bucks Better Than Going to “Hands & Stones’ In My Option Because, I’m Still Less Expensive & Give You More Time:)
Always Pets R Welcome too:)
On a Sadder Note:( Remember Darkness Is Around Us All The Time:( For Example, a Dark Force Came Into My Place & Never Paid Me Because Their Intentions Were Deceptive:( People Can Smile Even Bring Pets In To Get The Heart To Take Over The Discerning Brain of Judgment:( Why I Mention This Story? Not To Feel Sorry 4 Me But Warn Everyone That This Can Happen To Anyone In Different Ways, Maybe You Got The Bait & Switch, Told You Were Special, Only To Find In Some Review Unsafe Activities Were Done On Anyone With The Right Cash, So Your Not Feeling So Special:( But Remember You R In Wendy’s World:) Am I Special Enough 4 You? So The Motto: You Live & Learn Is So True Is It Not? So My Wisdom For Self Protection, If It’s You Or Another Therapist Like Me .. Here It Goes, I Wish I Paid Attention, Look At Them When They Thought I Was Not Looking @ Them. This Is What I Missed, Watch For a “Shift In Their Eyes’ of Deception, They Will Look Down a Lot, Not Make Eye Contact:( If They Bring a Dog To An Event? This Does Not Promise This is a Good HEARTED Individual:( & It’s Never The Dogs Fault, a Pet Does Not Have a Choice To Choose Their Owners:( Goodness Will Always Win & Darkness Will Always Be Miserable. If It Happens To You? Move On & Keep Smiling & Be Glad You Don’t Have to Deal With Them Anymore Like Someone Else Will In The Future:(
So My Motto: Be Kind, Unwind & Know You R Appreciated Even If You Had a Bad Day:) Call Me If You Have or Just Stressed Out:) I’m Not a Super Wild Chick Like Many Where I Advertise But I Always Will Stay True To You, Look Great, ( I Don’t Look Fat or Old) Gift Great Service, (Longer Unrushed Sessions) & My Voice Is Not a Smokers Voice Only Sweet & Soothing to Fall Asleep To Everyday:)

Have a Very Beautiful Day:) Like “Taylor Swift’ sings, “Let The Haters, Hate’ They will Hate Anyways, Let Them Be Miserable In Their Own Piss:) Let’s Be Happy & Share Some Spirits Togather:) Like Whiskey, Like Irish/Celtic Gals & Irish Whiskey? Let’s Share & Relax Soon In Wendy’s World… That’s the Best! Safe Yet Fun- Oh and the Best Chocolates too:) Maybe, You Gotta Be Super Nice I Guard My Chocolate Box Closely:) LOL
Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Just Finished My Continuing Education Credits 4 Massage:) Yay

Hi Friends, Finally just finished my continuing credits for school:) My Goal Everyday is To Offer The Best Massage For Anyone Who Calls Me That Is Kind & Smart Like Me:) Like Most of My Clients Know By Now, I Add New Therapies, Change Up My Office Or Have New Videos To Add On My Website:) So I Hope Soon, July, Adding an Option To Have Two Wonderful Therapies, “Rosewood Aloe Vera Facial’ Imagine, Silky Cool Aloe Massaged In Your Face With a Rosewood Thai Stick For Specific Pressure Points Along with Neck & Shoulder Body Work:) Yummy:) Available Now, Just Ask Me! For 90 Minutes, Why Not Try a “Foot Massage’ Sit In a Massage Chair & Pamper Your Feet with Reflexology Along with Sea Salt Rub For The Happiest Feet:) Just My Thoughts Today: Just Took My Human Traffixing Course:( So Sad So Many Women AreTraffixing In To Our Country:( I’m Seeing More Ads & We All Have Seen Them, They Don’t Look To Happy Most Come From SouthEast Asia & South America:( Please Be Aware & Feed Your Soul with Only Good People, Ideas & Healing 4 a Better Life:) Enjoy a Very Fun Affordable Kind Massage By the Fystee Lass & Soon More Videos To Come Soon:)

Middle On June Madness-Stressed? Who Is Not These Days

Hi Friends, I Hope Everyone is Enjoying Their Summer?:) Remember, I May Not Always Advertise In Some of The Places I Have In The Past, I Will Just Not As Often, If Possible! Why? Because Where You May Have Maybe Found Me, I Get Clumped In With Everyone Else:( If You Know Me Some? I’m Not Like Everyone Else, I Don’t Do Just Anything For Money & I Want To Always Earn My Money With Gifting You My Hands, Personality & A Great Safe Place To Visit Always:)
What’s New Wendy Arlene? Great Your Asking Today:) I’ve Been Working Hard On My Art Work, My Own Photography For The Past 12Years & Finally Will Have Them For Sell Soon On Etsy:) I Will Let You Know When Here Soon:) If You Are Dealing With Injuries, Lack Of Modality Or Just Super Stressed Out & Its Effecting Your Body? You Will Love My “Serenity Movement Therapy’ Video, 50 Minute Video & You Will Have Lot’s of Ideas, Techniques & Ways To Get Your Body To Fully Relax Anywhere:) I Always Try To Teach These Techniques At My Office In Palm Bay:) I Will Be Adding In July a Full Range of Therapies For The Feet:) Yummy! So You Can have a 30-45 minute “Feet Therapy Session’ Followed By Massage:) Or Massage/Stretch 4 Specific Concerns:)
Pets Are Always Welcome, I Have Toys, Water & a Large Play Pen If Needed & Variety of Drinks for You:)
Remember Please, I’m Fun & Affordable But I’m Not a “Merritt Island Lady’ Some Will Sport They R a Massage Therapist But Really They Want Your $200-$300 Dollars & Offer Sex To Anyone That Walks In:( Keep In Mind This, “Anyone Who Walks In, Before & After You Maybe’ Reviews Go Like This, ” She Did BBBBCIM— On And On So Just The Money & The Next Guys Health— Swallowed a Load With Chit Chat After & On To The Next Sucker Who Arrives:) Yiks These Ladies Might Be Busy or Richer Than Me But Yiks Again…. I Don’t Want To Make Money That Way:( So If You Just Want a Cool Irish Gal To Make You Laugh And Come Out Feeling Great & I’m Very Pretty Too:) Maybe I’m A Better Alternative! 🙂 Yes ? Have a Beautiful Day & Summer:)

Hope All Is Well In June For Everyone?:)

Hi Friends, I hope everyone is Enjoying their Summer?:) Are We Not Lucky To Have Such a Beautiful Place To Live & To Enjoy Our Beaches?:) We Have Fresh Air, Low Crime & Great Fresh Watermelon To Enjoy:) The Older I Get, The More Gratitude I Have For The Small Stuff, Or Maybe Not So Small Afterall? We Are Only Here For a Short Time & So The Past Few Weeks, I’ve Been Going To The Beach More With My Beautiful Dog, Dolly Rose, She Is 13 Now, So Everyday With Her Is Previous To Me:) Just Finishing My Video Projects. I Will Let You Know Where You Can See Some of My Creative Video Projects:) Etsy Will Be One Of The Sites & One Other. I’ll Let You Know Later In The Month:)
If Your Looking For a Great Safe, Relaxing Place To Get a Massage, a Really Thoughtful Massage? I May Be Your Gal, If You R Looking For Other Activities? I’m Not Involved In That Way:( Lot’s of Bust Going On, Human Trafficing:( So Why Pay For That! Right? Every Action We Take In Life Can Make a Great Difference In Your Life Or Not? Let’s Hang Out & Enjoy Humor, Thoughtful Conversation & Let My Hands Offer Your Body a Chance To Heal & Rejuvenate Naturally:) My Products Are Made By Me From My Aloe Plant In The Kitchen & My Whiskey/Rosemary/Aloe Vera Tonic For Your Feet & Specific Soreness:)
Enjoy Photos At Beach, Creative, Some Older, Mostly New & Just Fun, Fun Fun!
Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Here’s To Wonderful June & My Thoughts For This Month

Hi Friends, I Hope Everyone is Enjoying Their Summer Safely & Getting a Wonderful Massage? 🙂 I Was Busy Last Week, So Sorry If I Could Not See You Last Week:( It Is Hard At Times To Schedule When Sometimes Everyone Calls @ Once To Schedule a Massage:( I Do My Best Though Everyday:) If Your New? I Do Some Screening Of Course. Why? So I Can Get The Right Folks Who Want To Spend The Price For a Massage That Is Fairly Prices, a Massage Where You Can Stay Longer & Feel Your In a Safe Place, “Quiet Cozy Office’ In Palm Bay:) Also, Just Finishing Up Some Video Projects & I Hope You Like My Newest Ones:)? My Thoughts About What’s Going On In Brevard This Month, WOW!!! WOW!!! Where Do I Begin? Sometimes I Like To Catch Some Reviews So I Know How To Screen My First Time Callers a Bit Since The World Is Getting Darker, Seems Faster Everyday @ This Point:( After Reading Some Reviews About Other Ladies In Brevard, Especially Merritt Island to Orlando, What’s Going On? I’m Perplexed after Reading Many Reviews, Like So And So Is ” The Best Massage Therapist In Brevard’ So I’m Thinking, OK Maybe They Do Massage Really Really Well Than I Read This—-‘She Masssaged Me & Than Like Before, She Performed, BBBBCIM, DATY & 69 and It Went On And On, (I Had To Look Up What This Meant, “TUMA” Good Grief, Really? She Is An “Escort’ But Can We Agree, Going To School For Massage Therapy Is Different Profession Than Offering Sex & An Unsafe Level of Service? She Is Not a “Massage Therapist’ & How Is She The “Best Massage Therapist In Brevard’? What Happened To Rachal Thoughts For Your Safety, Do You Want To Love a Women Someday After This Kind of Service Or Go Back Home To Your Sweetie? Having Sex With Someone Who Uses Her Mouth As a Dumpster For Cum Is Not Fair To Ladies Outside Your Hour Of Service! I Remember One Review Said This, “You Either Love Wendy Or Hate Her’ Why The “Hate’? Because I Don’t Do BBBJCIM? Good Grief! My Whole Vibe From Day One When I Moved Here From California Was To Offer My “Best Massage’ Be Pretty Doing It, Be Safe & Make Folks Feel Good About Themselves No Matter Their Size Or Looks’ Keep My Prices Lowest Possible, Be Fun & Funny Too 🙂 The Art of Massage Can Be Amazing On Different Levels. There Is That Version & Many Men Don’t Give a Rats Ass How Many Men Dump Their Cum Into The Quote,” Best In Brevard’s Mouth’ And Maybe Hate Ladies Like Me, Who Knows? Again, “Lady’ Like Back In The Day Is What I Strive To Be:) Hate Me Than If You Must For That! Remember? I’m Not Looking For Everyone to Dig Me, But I Know Many Of You Do:) From The Bottom Of My Heart, I Love You All In Your Unique Way! I Get Disappointed @ Times By The Lack Of Self Awareness But Than One Of My “Coolest Clients’ Visits Me That Day! After The Visit Turn To Me & Say, “Wendy Your a Class Act & I Feel So Much Better After Our Visit, Thank You’ Unquote, Really Makes My Day, More Than You Will Ever Know & Really Makes My Day Wonderful:) Thank You For That:) My Motto, ” Be Kind, Unwind & Know You Are Appreciated In This World & By Me:) Have a Beautiful Summer Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Giving Respects To Falling Soldiers & Lovely Pets:)

Giving Respects To The Fallen Soldiers Who Fought So We All Have Freedom To Be Creative If We Choose, To Be Free To Relax Each Calendar Year With a Great Massage! Maybe By Me, Wendy Arlene:) So On This Day & Really Everyday:) Let’s Say “A Prayer’ & “Thank You To All The Fallen Soldiers’ Yay To All Of Them! Now To My Favorite Subject, Puppies, Big & Small:) Remember Pets R Welcome & I’m Working On My Room Next Door, Since I Have a Few To Cater To Pet’s So They Have a Play Room & Toys:) But There is Plenty Of Room, If You Want Them Near To Lie Beside You? I Give Extra Time To Let Your Pet Relax & Get To Know Their Surroundings:) I Met Someone Who Had an Expensive Dog & It Was Such a Cool Experience But Its Hard Too. I Believe In Rescuing An Animal From The Pound:) I See Sometimes Why Folks Do Buy & If You Don’t Have The Time To Train Or Want a “Service Dog’ That’s Cool Too:) Dolly Is Such a Beautiful Rescue Dog & I Believe Everyone Should Have a Dog & Get a Massage:) I Do Screen My Calls a Bit & Ask For My Weekly Word or Phase For The Week So I Get The Right Folks! This Week, I Realize That Sometimes I Have To Use My Intuition To Gauge Who Is Authentically Kind & Who Is Not or Has Other Motives:) I Wish Even Those Individuals The Best & Don’t Hate Anyone:) I’m Just Looking To Do My Best & Offer The Best Massage From Personality, Education & Intention to You, So You Feel Better & Like “Wow’ That Was Different, Authentic & Kind:) Just Do The Same For Me:) You Can Choose Wild & Danger Activities Any Day Of The Week. You Can’t Always Find An Irish Lass Who Will Offer The Best Massage For an Affordable Price No Tip Needed For Only $80 Bucks:) If Your Bigger Or Want Very Deep Bodywork, Only Extra $20 or Herbal Gentle Hair Removal:) Oh Sometimes I Get Foreign Comments That I Can’t Access On My Word Press, So Please If Your a Foreign Viewer? Thank you but remember my Limitations with Technology and Time:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene