Fun In Nature & Hope!!!

The Beauty of Nature is all around us. My hope is to see you soon in my Beautiful New Office! Why Miss Wendy?  So I can use my healing touch to make your life Relaxing & Better!  Always Safe, Always a Great Massage in Wendy’s World.


Masked & Ready…Pretty In Pink For July!!!

Happy 4th of July friends! You can still get one of my Great Massage knowing that your in a Safe & Virus Free Environment! I’m Tested & Retest Often so most of you can have Peace of Mind!

I like to think your in the Best Hands & If you feel like you need a Massage but wish to be Safe call me! I’m working the 4th of July weekend too.

Thank you to all my Dear Clients for Supporting & Trusting in My Small Business.

Have a Beautiful Day!


I could not wait till…”July”

Hi Friends, I hope you like this cool picture? So hard to wait and wait. Worth it! I got this Beautiful picture. So OK, the bad new, all my clients till things calm down. Must wear a mask and me too for Everyone’s Safety! The good news? Your Massage and Experience will still be Great! So by all of us being careful and safe. Massage can still be apart of a Healthy lifestyle. .  Thank you for supporting  my small business and I will do my Best to give you the time you need and the Best massage you need. Please stop by Wendy’s World by appointment only. I only see a few clients a day to clean and disinfect and make your space as relaxing as possible.

Have a Beautiful day!

Cheers, Wendy

Summer Is Here! Hot! Hot! & Hot

Hi Friends, thanks for checking out my website. I know some of you are like, I’ve seen Wendy before.  Just remember, I’m always adding therapies and techniques to make your Massage by far the Best! Effort, Sincerity and Reliability is what I do everyday.

Never Boring and Always a good place to just Relax. If you  want to talk or not is always OK in Wendy’s World.  Experience a Great Massage and Remember I’m licensed so REAL concerns you have about body pain is one of Many of my expertise.  Thank you to all my clients for Supporting My Small Business and my love for animals. Your also welcome to bring your pets.

Have a Beautiful Day!


Hi Friends

Hi Friends, just want all of you to know that this Irish lass who gives a Great massage is Open and being very Safe and Clean for all of you to stay healthy. . The only problem for  me is timing. I can only see a Few Clients a day to give everyone the time they need so you NEVER feel rushed out. So Please, Please be patient if I can’t see you at the exact time or day you want to see me. I  appreciate all of you for supporting my small business. I’m always trying my Best to make my sessions Better and Better.  Here I’am on Memorial Day making my cucumber/aloe gel using my secret recipe to give your skin the Best product possible when  giving you a Relaxing, Pampering Massage. So please call me when you really need a Massage, Tips and Exercise Stretches to get you out of muscular pain and remember I do hair removal that’s Gentle and Herbal.

Have a Beautiful Day!!!

Happy May!

Hi Everyone, I’m back in Business. Just taking precautions and making my Beautiful office Safe & Comfortable for your Peace of mind.

Remember I’m always here for you in Palm Bay to give you all the time you need to Relax and get the Best massage.

Remember, I sell Coconuts & Shells made into Cool Fun gifts for Everyone!  Remember, my Natural Gels I use during my massage are not greasy, smelly or have any chemicals. All Natural and Very Nice!

Have a Beautiful Day and I hope to meet you soon.

Yay!!! I passed the test

Well, I hope everyone is hanging in there. Just took my test this week. Well, I’m not going to lie. It’s fast, drive through style and they put this long tube up your nose. That hurts but its fast. So I’m hoping to start working again soon. If we are lucky by the end of May. I’m going to start slow and ask everyone to stay healthy.  I really miss you all very much. I realized that maybe I won’t ever be rich in dollars but I feel rich in my heart to have met so many wonderful kind clients. Thank you all and I hope to see you real soon. Cheers

Staying Happy & Healthy In April!

Hi friends, well its going to be a difficult month. I’m sure we can all remember the good times before the virus came to our shores. Well, this time will pass and I’m taking this time to improve my new office space just for your Relaxation & Giving you a Great massage. I will be offering a fun experience called, “Vintage Style Virtual Tour’ in my new office/room. Just an option  to your Great Massage experience while using the gravity machine to stretch out your back. Your back will feel better as you feel like your in a different Era. Do you like the vibes of the 1970’s and even as far back as the 1940’s? Than you may like to add that experience to your massage. Sitting on my favorite chair watching old movies inspired me to offer you this experience for you. And……………………

I just want to thank my clients/friends for letting me experiment with my different gel ingredients so I could perfect the Best gel ever. Sorry if a few of you smelled like a juicy Strawberry 🙁  Finally my  New gel is truly really really nice. All -Natural- Non-Greasy-No Fruity Smell. Only a Sensual Feeling Gel used Warm or Chilled made from Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber gel with My Secret ingredients at the perfect ratio. And ……..

Be Safe & Hang in there. I’ll be here for you soon. Remember to breath deeply and some of you know how from previous visits with me. Oh and if really like animals especially birds?  I found an old classic video of mine, called, “Meet Elvis” Some of you know that I try to do my part to help homeless animals. This video I took my dog Dolly Rose & myself on a trip to visit a parrot named Elvis. He was lucky and rescued and given to a Loving home. I just want people to know and learn like I did, how loving a parrot can be as a pet besides dogs, cats and bunnies. It’s about 4 1/2 minutes long so if its not your thing than maybe check out my other cool videos. The video can be found at the very very bottom of my Contact page. That’s it folks till next time our paths meet. Cheers

Cheers, Wendy