Happy Month, Most of the Time!

Hi friends, I hope everyone is Enjoying their day. Today, was Stressful to say the least. But I want to share some helpful Hints that Help with Stress in this Insane World. Get a Great Massage. I really Love to help people get out of Pain, Just have a Few Laughs and just do my Best so you leave feeling just Great!!! Humor and Pets are another. Pets love you no matter what and are fun to watch.

When I have a bad day its usually around scheduling because I want to be the Best Therapist for you.  Time, Schedules and No Shows do happen. Sometimes people think I know if their Visiting or Not and I get No Response for hours. So its always helpful to keep in mind that I’m human and not a mind reader and to give be a bit Patient. Besides, if you just found me? You can keep my number and we’ll surely get our schedules to match.  Please feel free to call and I would love to set up a Fun Pampering visit with you. Earlier is Best for same day.