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Don’t Worry your Tired Sore Muscles!
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Rejuvenate your Body & Mind with Me!

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New Therapy ….Ask about “Jin Shi Do & Shiatsu Approach” My Deep Tissue Approach along with Heated Stones using the Ancient Wisdom of the Orient is my Gift to you. Let’s take off years of “Old Armoring” Release Chronic Tension and Knots! Let’s replace it with ” More Energy” or others call, “Qi” Pretty Awesome Stuff! Give this a Try!

“Doing something positive will help turn your mood around. When you smile, your body relaxes. When you experience human touch and interaction, it eases tension in your body.”

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Here on my website you will find information about my services, products and see some very nice videos.

I hope you gift yourself with a wonderful session with me, Wendy. You will feel and experience pampered skin along with a Relaxed and Pampered Body!


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I Offer 60 minute and 90 minute Sessions For Affordable Price With Sincere Service!

Please Go To My New ‘Traditional Thai Massage’ Page For More Details About My 90 minute Session.

Please check out my videos and service page for more Details about my services and the Best time to contact me for a visit.

I work in Palm Bay, Florida and have a Vintage Style Office that is Quiet and Comfortable.

I’m trained and experienced in many Beauty Fields and extend my offer to you to take advantage of my knowledge and experience.
If its Skincare or Hair Removal Questions you have Please look at my service page for the Pro’s and Con’s to different ways to address the removal of Body Hair. I take proud that after seven years that I can offer you the Best in Hair Removal & Wonderful Natural Skincare Products.

Remember, I also offer a “Wonderful Aloe Vera Massage.” Great for your Skin & Relaxing for your Body” I use my training in massage, my training and degree as a Skincare Professional, License #FB9734737 and my Yoga Degree and have put togather quite a nice routine for a Wonderful Experience! Every bit of my time spent on you is Tailored for your specific needs. Stretching, Skin-Touch-Therapy, Great Hair Removal and Consultation on your Skin care Goals is all Available by making an Appointment with me.

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