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Comments by most recent clients about their visit to Wendy’s World!

New Clients…

“”I had a Great Experience! My skin feels great and my back was hurting and now I feel Great! Thank You Wendy!” 4/21/22 by text

“Thank you so much Wendy, I came back because after I saw you my back pain went away! I will see you soon.” 3/24/22 by text

“So nice meeting you today! I loved the massage and felt so relaxed and stress free all day-thank you!” 2/24/20

“Thank you very much for helping me with my back. I feel much better!” 6/18/19

“So nice to meet you; very sweet and kind, and outstanding service!” 5/21/19 by text

“Thank you Wendy. My back looks Awesome your right. The procedure is pain free. I will be back soon.” 4/12/19

“Just wanted to say thank you again for a great experience!” 8/9/19  “Newest’ Thank you Wendy my skin feeling so Smooth, you don’t advertise you hair removal product enough, its the Best, will be Back soon, take care’ 3/28/23 

I really have enjoyed meeting some very interesting people & serving you all. Thank you so much for adopting and loving your pets big and small!
Step Into My Theatrical World Where You Get The Best Massage! Enjoy a Tropical Environment With Music & Soothing Words To Relax You!

What Excites? Herbal Aloe Gel’s. Light Silky Feel With Every Massage!

New Stuff

When your muscles Are Sore, You Feel Sore Physically & Maybe Mentally? Take a Break! Enjoy My Videos & Think Real Hard About Who Can Really In a Caring Way Gift You The Best Therapies! Please Watch My Videos, Read What I Have To Say About Life & Body Health & Maybe You Will Chose The Best By Calling Me When Your Are Ready!

Enjoy Good Company, A Great Massage, An Irish Lass With A Big Smile!

Hi Friends, Please Scroll Down & Learn More About Me, My Services & My Love For Pets! Actually I Just Love All Animals. You Will See Many Videos With All Kinds of Different Animals I’ve Come Across Over The Years Being Here In Florida. Also, One Video I Did Called, “Quiet Helpers’ I Realized That These Quiet Helpers Do So Much For Wildlife & I Think That Is Cool! Also, What I Like To Do On My Share Time! We Are Building So Much Here In Florida. So I Like To Help, Create Awareness To People To See Around Us How We Can Help Them! Now Back To My Therapies. Please Read All Your Choices & Let Me Know What You Are Interested In? For Example, Do You Feel Tight? Need a Bit Of Stretching with Your Massage! I Like To Teach You Along With Assist Stretching So You Can Go Home & Practice & Heal Yourself When I Can’t Stretch You Out Myself! Maybe, You Want To Just Relax & Get More of a Lighter Touch Swedish Massage Without Learning Anything Because You Want To Turn Off Your Brain & Just Float Away For An Hour? What Ever You Chose? I’m Up For The Task & To Help You Feel Special Too! Oh, Did I Mention That The Music Is Collective & Always Different With The Best Play List I’ve Put Together!

Session #1 – Enjoy and Be Pampered by Experiencing a “Classic Rosewood Massage” $80 for an Hour. Very Soothing with “Heated Rosewood Sticks” & Warm Sensual Heated Stones with my Signature Touch. Light-to-Medium Pressure” Very Relaxing Experience. Great for Insomniac’s and After work pick me and carry me away to massage paradise” I offer “Gentle Herbal Hair Removal Remember? Only an Extra $20. The hair removal treatment Does Not Shorten Your Massage Time. Enjoy!

Session #2 – (2nd visit) Enjoy and Be Invigorated by Deep Tissue Massage! $100 for an Hour. I use both American & Japanese Techniques for Targeting than Releasing than Restoring tissue back to health. I have my own technique called, Rhythmic Movement Therapy or R.M.T . I use the rhythm from the music along with a variety of Massage Movements to Calm the Nervous System and Experience Deeper Healing. This is Deep Tissue using healing heated stones.

This is a Great choice for anyone with a bulging disc in the spine. Why? Deep Tissue helps the bulging disc by relaxing the surrounding muscles that put pressure on the herniated disc. You will feel better and happier.

Each Massage is Tailored Just For You Always! I Believe Each of Us Is Different. Each of Us Has Our Own Vibration & Personalities We Bring To Others Each Day! I Hope By Being a Positive Lass with a Unique Creative Personality; I Can Bring a Ray of Sunshine To Your Life! I Like Making Friends So You Feel Comfortable To Visit Me Again.

For Snow Birds & Travelers My Massages Are Not Boring Or Rushed! Let Me Give You Just The Best Massage!

For My Local Friends, I Always Get Better & Better! As I Get To Know You & Just Ask You Meet Me In The Middle! I Know Super Wild Stuff Can Be Had But Does Not Mean Its Safe Or That Person Cares About You! I Care About The Planet, Animals & Humans To Make the World a Better Place! I Try To Create Less Judgement & More Acceptance To Each Our Differences! Just Come As Yourself & Know You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are Naturally At Any Age!

My Clients always Enjoy a Great Conversation or Silent Serenity! Experience a Moment in Time with Me, Wendy Arlene!

Session #3 – (3rd visit) My June My Stretch Room Will Be Ready For You! Please Look At My Video Called, “Dash of Serenity Movement Therapy’ If You Are Interested In Learn How To Truly Learn The Secret 7 Technique! I Offer Longer Sessions For That, !/2 Thai With Stretching & 1/2 Swedish Massage For 90 Minutes. All I Ask is That You Really Want To Learn & Feel How Wonderful This Technique Can Feel & You Can Then Practice Anytime & Anywhere! My Video Called, “Serenity Movement Therapy’ Is a 45 Minute Video I Did Back In California Before I Moved to Florida! I Had Just Graduated From The “Carmel Yoga Center’ & Taught & Assisted Many Classes With The Best Teachers Before Really Wanting to Put My Own Video Together To Help People! Please Check On My Blog By June For Where You Can Find It & Other Videos That Are Pretty Interesting To Check Out!


Please Watch My Space Coast Treasure Video If Only You Are Very Interested In Hair Removal & The Details

All My Sessions Include “Hot Stone Therapy & Vibrational Therapy To Assist In Relaxing You Naturally!

Most of My Session Are Anywhere Between 60 Minutes To 90 Minutes Long. I Don’t Want To Ever Do Short Sessions Or Back To Back Sessions & Pets Are Always Welcome!

Enjoy All My Photos, Videos & Now For The Past 9 Years, My Body Art! My Story Goes From My Car Accident & Wanting To Hide a Few Scares. Then, As I Evolved Over time, I Love Animals So Much! So Now, I Have Over 76 Animal Tattoos & They Are Beautifully Placed & Will Show & Tell! I Hope To Offer a Podcast Soon So Others Can Share Their Art Work Story Too! Since I’ve Modeled On The Beaches Of Florida & Proud of It Because it Was a Blast & Well I Look Great Even as A Fair Lass! You Can See Some Mostly With My Pets & Some Pictures of My Body Art Too! Nice Combination & a Journey of My Life Both Good & Bad! I Think For Many Reasons Like My Accident, I Can Relate To Others Physical Problems Even Better! Just Please Don’t Ask Me To Go Into Details Because It Makes Me Sad & The Most Important Fact Is You Know & Now We Can Talk About You! I Want to Help You! Cheers


Enjoy My Sweet Video with My Sweet Baby Girl, Dolly Rose. I Sure Love Her!

Enjoy My Fun Terminator Video.No Terminators Were Hurt During The Film Of My Video. Only Sore Muscles Are In Trouble In Wendy’s World! Cheers

Coming in June, “Reflexology” – Add a Wonderful Therapy to your already awaiting ‘Great Massage’. Many people don’t realize that a lot of muscle aches and bad posture starts in the feet. You can’t build a House without a great foundation. Yes? Well the same with us humans. Build that foundation with me and feel Great!

Check out my favorite Tennis Shoes! I Love them so much! Personality & Comfort is how I feel about my Tennis Shoes, Life & My Business! Love Your Feet!


Natural Pure Aloe Vera Gel Used In Every Session! Non-greasy & Unscented For Great Skin!