It’s May 13th & Time to Tie You Up! Lol I Mean Thai Massage4You

Hi Friends, New & Improved Experience! I know the Economy is Whacked & Stress is High! First, I’m So Sorry! Well Vote Me in For When You Want To De Stress! Yes? Why With Me? Try an Authentic Thai Massage with all The Fixing….. The Super Wide Table to Fully Spread Out! Training, I’ve Been Trained in the Art of Authentic Thai Massage! Very Deep Body Work & My Super Famous Aloe Vera Gel, Like Nuru Gel From Stores But Better, (No Chemicals & Applied in a Sensitive & Though Way From a Straight Gal with Tenderness & Care!

But Don’t Get it Wrong! I will Always Spank You Silly if You Want To Confess How Bad You Have Been Out there! Lol…Fun & Therapeutic!

Have a Beautiful Unafraid Day!

New Deep Tissue Massage For Hard Working Folks!

Hi Friends, I know the World is So Crazy & Expensive! I have keep my Prices the Same for Years and Intend to Keep it that Way! Most of all My Mission is to make Your Visit with me Unique, Rejuvenating & Most of All Get Your Muscles Working Right! Less Stress & a Happier You!

If You Have Not Been In For Awhile? Your Very Welcome To Visit & Enjoy All I Have To Offer You ….Deep Tissue, Specializing Thai And Swedish Style! Very Deep To Anywhere In Between with a Bit of Light Goose Bump Touch Too!

FYI: If You Are Super Convention and Not Into an Artsy Lass? That’s Too Bad but OK than Maybe I will Not Be your Perfect Therapist! I do Appreciate You Checking Me Out & I Wish You a Great Day!

My Short Story about My Art Work ….I started  Adding Artwork on my Body about 8 years ago. You can see Beautiful Pictures of Me Without and Some with my New Art Work! If you see me in Person, I will Show You! All I ask is that if you Share About Me? Please Also Share Why?

I was in a Car Accident 12 years Ago. I had a few Scares and Eventually started getting into Adding Art to my Body! All My Art Work Represents My Love For Animals and That is Why I added More. I wish to Be a Spokes Person for Animals. Many of my Clients know I Love Animals! ”  For ” OPUS 1984″ A Review Guy…. We Both Like To Talk, Politics, Life, Art etc…. We probably talked too Much! Many of you Find me Interesting and Ask a lot of Questions during a Massage! Keep in Mine, it can take me Off My Game in Focusing 100% on Your “Great Massage’ So Before or After Lets Chit Chat if You Wish! That said, “OPUS 1984′ We probably Talked to Much or I Did? LOL Your Review Sort of Sweet But than You Said, Quote “I Don’t Do Massage’ WHAT??? So No Hard Feeling, We Must Have Been Talking Too Much…. One Offer to You This Month, Before June! Call me or Text for an Appt on Me! OK? That is my Make Up Session to You! I will not be Upset. Just want you to FEEL in your words… For filled and hey try my ‘New’ Hand Wash Body Scrub’ gets you clean like a Shower too!  Good Day!

Have a Beautiful Day!


Best Ever In The Art Of Massage! Advanced Techniques & Music Therapy! May

Hi Friends, Please Enjoy my Two Post for May Madness Massage Month! Just some Thoughts for this Month! Some people stay the Same, No Improvements in their Practice or Improving Techniques in their Field of Work. NOT ME! I always Thrive to Be the Best & Make Improvements in my Field….Massage Therapy & Skincare! I have a Degree in Both by the State of California (where I grow up & moved like many have since)  I make my practice very much about Being Different and a bit Theatrical in my Approach so “Your Massage is Never Boring  but you get a Great Massage! I use Music Therapy ( A Variety of Music) maybe you have not hear in Awhile.

FYI: Not Sure if Folks Understand Me! There are Places to Review me but Most of my Sweet Clients Don’t because they just like to Get a Great Massage, Feel Safe & Happy  in my Cozy Office in Palm Bay! If Stronger Therapies that are Shaky at Best or not So Healthy or Not About a Great Massage? I’m not going to Be Reviewed there with a High 10 …Why? Because its the Wrong Section for Me to Be Reviewed! Yes? Understand? I’m Fun Skilled & Thoughtful About You! So grade me, Suggest Me on Those Merits Please! So Appreciated, thank you!   Believe you will Love my Massage & I’m Pretty and take care of myself like I Care for you!

Hope to Meet you Someday.




Happy May Day To Everyone ..What’s New & Thoughts!

Love Spring Time & The Longer Days! I hope Everyone that reads & Follows my Post enjoy Every Moment of your Life! In those Moments, maybe you may want to Get a Great Massage by Me, Miss Wendy Arlene! Why do I say Always, ‘Great Massage” Because its not just about a Massage with Zen Music, Pricey Door Fees (Just to get in the door) Crazy! Or Pricey $100 for Only 1/2 hour!!! Wow… No, No, No $80 for a Full Hour even Longer if you need it!

My Approach is Gifting you Time, Variety of Music that is Meant to be Uplifting and Give you a Feeling of Joy like a Concert! Yay Personality &  Authenticity! I really want to Help You Feel Your Best! All I ask, You really want the Best Massage! And, you might like  my Personality and I’m sure I can get you to Laugh &  Smile with my Humor & Touch! My Aloe Vera Gel is Very Popular and you can take some Home too.

My Thought for the Month, Well I have a Nice Group of Folks that are Amazing and Thank you so much for Supporting my Small Business! I really Appreciate it. There will Always be those that just have a lot of Time to Just Create Trouble not Ever be Nice so what can you do? I feel we are all Actors in this World. Some folks have their roles picked out due to their personalities and grudges due to their past experiences!  To those that are Frowning now and bogged down in Hate! Try Have a Beautiful Day & Just Chill out!  I hope you can find your Heart again and be a Gift in this world to make it a Better place! Yes? Who knows how much time we have in this world? So be Kind & Unwind Dude! Hate is Toxic to your Health & The Planet!

Cheers, Wendy Arlene!


The Best April Ever!

For All My Clients, Thank you for being so Kind & Supporting My Love For All Animals. On My Birthday April 10th, 2022 got to go to the “Baby Girl Horse Rescue Ranch’ you can check them out on Facebook. They are Wonderful & Rescue Abused Horses! The horses are Well Cared For & Loved for the Rest of Their Lives. They do Eat a Lot & Need some medical care. So if you have the chance to help them a bit would be Amazing! Thank you so much!

Don’t Forget the Wonderful Awesome Amazing Massage I give with Great Personality Music…. Like Songs You Have Not Hear In Years! Fun Fun Fun! Like Me! Bound to Make You Smile!

Maybe I’m Not as Wild as Some Gals and this Can Be Ok & Refreshing for Some! You Won’t Meet a Gal like me. Most tell me It’s A Good Thing! Up to you though…A Few Things for sure, (1) You Will Get A Great Massage! (2) Feel Happier & Uplifted & Maybe Laugh & Feel Amazing!

Oh my Herbal Hair Removal is Grand too. Actually The Best! Watch My Newest Video Called, “Space Coast Treasures” Enjoy!

Cheers To A Great Day & Evening to You!

Good Month To Relax & Get Splashed with Beautiful Products

Hi Folks, OK I know ya ya ya your Aloe is Beautiful & Great! Right? Another Ad trying to say how Wonderful  a Product Is!  Yes? Well, Every Single Client that Gets a Great Massage by Me, Miss Wendy does Agree. So after Finally perfecting my Product to Gift you the Best Massage! Now Everyone says to me, “Miss Wendy this Stuff Feels Amazing!’ Thank you I always Say and allow Anyone that wants to take some home? Can get a Free Sample. Plenty to use for a Day or Two! And, if it can’t get Any Better!  Bring in your own Bottle and Take More Home! Between 4-8OZS…… I hope all of you have a Great Month and can check out my new Video called, “Spacecoast Treasures’  Mainly talks about the Difference between my Hair Removal System and Waxing a Fun way of course!

My web guy forgot to leave up my dance video called, “Dolly I Love You’ but it should be up on my Homepage soon again! Remember I’m licensed in All The Fields of Therapy …Massage, Skincare & Yoga…. California and now here in Palm Bay since 2008!

I  Always try to Strike a Balance between being a Sensitive Fun Gal & To Get You Out of Pain Addressing You as a Person on All Levels.

Cheers, Wendy

The Magic Of Touch Therapy With a Smile

Take Off like a Rocket and Experience The Best Massage with a Touch of California Caring Massage! Lot’s of Time & Healing Hands! People are so Surprised to Experience The Artist Touch With a Great Product I make Myself! Words Can’t Expressed How Wonderful This Feels With Hot Stones & Deep Stretching! Take Advantage of my Skills & Enjoy My Arty Videos That I’m Known For!

You Probably Will Not Meet A Gal Like Me! So Enjoy A Truly Authentic Caring Massage & My Hair Removal Is Great Too….. Check Out My Homepage & Everything Will Be Explained well.

As a Gift, you get a Small Aloe Vera Bottle To Take Home! Or Bring in a Small 8 -16 oz bottle to Fill up to Take Home. We Must Recycle More! Unscented & You Will Not Find it On Amazon or Stores. No Chemicals or Additives That Make it Sticky and Greasy!

Cheers, Wendy Arlene

New Ingredients For The Truly Best Massage! Starting Now!

Get The Best Massage! Blast Off To The Best Thai/Swedish Massage Ever!!!  Take Home Your small plastic free travel bottle sample. You will want to and you are Welcome to bring your own 4-8oz bottle to Fill up at the “Aloe Fountain’ Your Choice, Unscented, Fun Scents like, Bacon, Italian Leather & My Favorite, Southern Whiskey! Relaxing Scents, Lavender, Lilac! UnLifting Scents, Orange & Strawberry!

Don’t Forget My Herbal Hair Removal is Out of This World…..Good Movie to Watch, “Don’t Look Up” on Netfix. Enjoy! Read my website for all about how Long Lasting & Gentle This System is on your Skin!

Cheers, Happy St Patrick’s Month!

Irish Celebration’s This Month. Scroll Down Old Blogs For Viewing Pet Videos!

Hi Friends, I hope the month of March is the Best Most Relaxing month ever? It will be IF you stop by and see me. The only down fall is I work for myself and thus need my Beautiful Sweet Clients to be patient and call me Early …9am sharp all calls are received for Afternoon Visit Set Ups! Yay

OK, so now for my “Monthly Rant & Thoughts” ….We are lucky to be here in Florida and have the Lifestyle we do….I’m not Ukraine or know anyone that is. But I hope we can all Help, Say a Prayer for the Families and Kids that are Innocent and being Killed! So let’s Pray for them today and everyday!

What’s New Miss Wendy Arlene? I just started making my “Famous Aloe Vera Gel’ Why Make It & Sell It? because once you have had a “Great Massage” with this gel.  Many of my clients want to take some home.  I use Unscented, Non Greasy Ingredients! Words can not describe this Incredible Gel….

I can Add Scents of your Choice  like…. “Lavender’  Sandelwood, (Many Clients Favorite) My Favorite, Orange. ‘Novelty Scents’ like “Bacon Vanilla Ice cream & Italian Leather and More! You can “Sample Smell’ and “Pick’ for yourself. Enjoy!

Last, someone said Central Florida was a “Wasteland” this is not True. Palm Bay & The Surrounding Area is My Home… It is what you make it. People have said I work and live in an “Industrial Complex’ That’s Ok! You can make your Paradise anywhere and see Beauty Everywhere if  you see the Goodness Everywhere! Great massage with the Irish Lass, Best Music and Coziness Anywhere even in an Industrial Complex!

Have a Beautiful Day …Oh, and Thank you to all my Newest & Oldest Clients. Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart for Supporting my Small Business! You all mean the World to me. …. Oh, I also like to do “Foot Rubs” Everything you get from a Pedicure without clipping your nails & Hot Steam Facials! Enjoy


I Want To Wish Everyone a Beautiful & Relaxing February!

Hi Friends, I hope you had a chance to see my Christmas videos on my last recent Blog. ….I love animals and I hope you do too? Enjoy my whole website and all the Cool videos and information here to make you Smile and I hope if your “Sore” or Just Need to “Smile’ and most of all Relax with a me in a Safe & Cozy place.

I want to offer you the Best massage possible and I make a ‘Non Scented Fresh Aloe Vera Gel and with the “Hot Stones ‘Feels so Amazing.

Cheers & Happy Valentines Day!