Happy Halloween, 2020

Have a Fun month and remember to make you Special Visit to try a Great Massage! And, for Beach & Pool Party Fun, Try my Gentle & Experienced Long Last Herbal Hair Removal Service! Here you can see how Feeling Smooth and Looking Hairless can allow you to feel Amazing! Also check out my other website at Many more Fun & Creative videos to make you smile. I’m an Artsy Gal that Loves to turn my creative talents into Beautiful Fun Free Spirited Videos! So when you have time please enjoy and I hope it Inspires you to go out and Enjoy your life? I sure hope so and Please be Patient if I can’t see you the Same day. I like to make each visit Special and Gift you all the time you need.

Have a Beautiful Day!


Have a Beautiful Week & Weekend

Just had to put these pictures up to show you the Cool factor in a Coco Bear or Just all my Great natural Coconut products.  Actually, this month, October my favorite month. So everyone who wants it? Gets a compliment polished coconut 1/2 shell to take home and sandalwood soap so your skin Feels Awesome just like you do when you leave after seeing me.

OK, the Good News When You Think About Calling Me!

You will never be Rushed, I won’t Charge you just to stay Longer because I know its hard to get to me with Traffic and Schedules!

I’m Safe & Want you to Stay Safe! So Enjoy all the Information About It! This is Important Stay Safe But Live Free & Call Me. Yes?

This is an Important Part to Remember as well friends. I will Always put 100% into giving you the Very Best Massage! I’m All About Deep Tissue from this point on in my Career in the Art of Massage. I’m Better than Ever & My Deal is to Bring the Art of Massage back to you to Give it a Try Again! So Aches & Pains are Reduced when your in Wendy’s World!

The Bad Side Maybe You May Feel….. Since I work for myself and take my Time! Please be Patient, Call Me Early 9:00am and up to 6:00pm …. The Earlier you call the Same day the Better for Same day visits!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Wow What a Shitty Year! But Here’s Hope!

Hi friends, Wow what a year from the start. Yes? Well, hang on there friend.

Let me Give you a Great Massage! Wow, I’m Feeling like my Practice is Improving Leaps and Bounds



I use to think when my mentors would talk about Energy and Really Relaxing the mind be able to really Gift the Best Massage! I thought they were too Hippy like. Yes? You know what I mean. I was raised in California so it would be Nature for me to introduce this type of mind set in my work.

I finally, understand how its Really done and it ma

kes such an Amazing change for my clients Body, Mind & Attitude.

Along with Fun Music and now my little Buddy, Nelson! My southern flying squirrel always in his cage. Makes it so Interesting.

Most of all I’m Always Very Safe and have an Air Filter, Tested and Sanitize Everything, Everyday! But still be Safe out there.

Tips: Be safe out there and try to feed you Body with human touch if its me or someone else. Just check your environment around you and Enjoy your life.

Think Safe Live Free!


For Everyone That Loves The Outdoor Fun

Well at least we can spend time out side in Nature with all the Madness going on this year.  And, you guessed it ??? I’m here for for you too to Gift you the Best Massage. Common statement, as I get better and better. Quote, “I wish, I did not wait so Long to call you Miss Wendy, ” The Irish Lass” I agree, so many restrictions on what you can and can’t go and do. Kinda of depressing! Yes? So Enjoy a Massage and lets hang out and talk about whatever & Smile more. Have a Beautiful Day! . Cheers

Be Good To Yourself In a Very Safe Environment!

Hey Friends,  Just sending a shout out to all that may really need some Great Body work. Remember folks I’m trained but allow you to be yourself.

I try not to be just one dimensional. Looking Good, But being Compassionate and Skilled at Getting Rid of your Aches and Pains is what I do.

Making a few friends along the way is Fun too.

Give me a Try & Stay longer for extra time for Pampering.

My goal is for you to want to Visit again and even if I’m not your Favorite or Wild enough. You will Feel Special and I’m Affordable.

Have a Beautiful Day!

On Vacation from August 8th thru till August 11th.

Hi Friends, I hope your staying Happy & Healthy?

I’ll be back to my Beautiful Relaxing Spa on Aug 11th on….. May all the days left of Summer leave you feeling Relaxed & Tan.

Remember me when you just want a “Great” ‘Safe” & “Cared About” Session in Wendy’s World!

Thank you to all my friends for Supporting my Small Business!

Cheers, Wendy

Safe & Sane In Wendy’s World

Hi Friends, I  hope all is well in your paradise? Please read all of my Blog if your interested in my Sessions & What to expect. Thank youWhy see me, Miss Wendy?

(1) Safety practices for every visit with light screening. Than your in Great Hands!!!

(2) Temperature check, Before & After Hand Sanitizer, Air Filter & Conversation about current events and keeping a Positive attitude with good company, music and a Great massage.

Last know that when your in Wendy’s World its all about ‘Thinking Forward For Staying Healthy & Sane but not living in fear. I take a test once a month for the Team and Post for you to know that I take my business seriously to Still Be Able To Bring You A Bit Of Joy & Relaxation!

Let’s get through this Togather!




Masked & Ready…Pretty In Pink For July!!!

Happy 4th of July friends! You can still get one of my Great Massage knowing that your in a Safe & Virus Free Environment! I’m Tested & Retest Often so most of you can have Peace of Mind!

I like to think your in the Best Hands & If you feel like you need a Massage but wish to be Safe call me! I’m working the 4th of July weekend too.

Thank you to all my Dear Clients for Supporting & Trusting in My Small Business.

Have a Beautiful Day!