I Know It Is Not May Yet But Please Read & Enjoy Life!

Hi Everyone, Hope You Are Enjoying This Beautiful Weather? I Think We All Know Why Everyone Wants To Move To Florida! Unfortunely, There is The Very Very Dark Side! I Hope Everyone Can Support Wherever You Go? American Businesses & Realize That Even Where I Advertise Today In This Country! Women, Especially The Asian Women Are Being Sold As Sex Slaves Across America! It’s So Sad & Unsafe For You & Her!
It Brakes My Heart But You Can See How Young They Are, They Get Their Eye And Breast Surgeries Done & Are Most Maybe Not All Made To Beg For Tips & Do Whatever Because They Have No Other Choice:(
You Do Have a Choice To @ Least Think About It First & Have Some Compassion In Your Heart To See It For What It Is!
I Offer a Licensed Wonderful Massage & No One is Ever Bored Or Unhappy!
Enjoy My Updates On My Website Coming Next Weekend! Have a Beautiful Day
Cheers, Wendy

Welcome 2 April:) Animal Rescue Awareness Month, Pets & You Welcome:)

Hi Friends, Thank You For Bringing In Your Pets, Best Friends, Last Month:) Here is Some Pictures of Some & Some of My Neighbors Pets That I Have Been Caring Last Month Or Who Visit Me @ My Quiet Pet Friendly Office:) Natural Snacks & Lots of Love Always:) Enjoy a Great Massage Better Then Going To a Corporate Place or Somewhere They Don’t Speak English:( Enjoy Great Music From The 70’s 80’s & Recent Artist:) You Will Love The Music & Of Course Warm Stones with Fresh Aloe Vera Gel I Make Myself:) I’m Licensed In Massage Therapy & Skincare So You R In Great Hands In “Wendy’s World” Check Out My Herbal Hair Removal System For Gentle Hair Removal & Long Lasting WITHOUT The Wax!!! No Waxing, Better For You & Folks Visit From Miles Away For Just This Procedure:) Always Fun & You Will Leave Feel Better Than Just Going Anywhere An Experiencing The Same Same:) Have a Beautiful Month & I Hope By Mid April 2 Place More Videos Up:) Cheers, Wendy & Friends:)

Happy Irish Month:) March 1, 2024

Hi Friends, It’s Getting Warmer Out There! Yay:) Get Swim Suite Ready & Enjoy Some Pampering Time with Me:) Have You Tried Or Have The Courage 2 Try My Herbal Hair Removal Products? Please Look @ My Menu Page On My Website 4 My Video Called, “Space Coast Treasures:) Super Gentle & My Reviews R Spot On! Last 4 Weeks & No Trauma 2 The Skin! Now, Some May Be Like, Miss Wendy, Your Wearing a Bikini In The Photo:) Yes, For Many Years I Modeled On the Beachie Shores of California Before Politics Ruins The State & Modeled On The Sandy Sunny Beaches Here In Florida:) I Made My Own Clothes & Swim Suits Too:) Time Is Flying When You R Busy In Life Stuff! Yes? We All No Matter What Age Can Have Healthy Beautiful Skin & Why Not Show U That It’s Possible @ Any Age!:) Yes? Beautiful Skin & Art Work That Represents My Love 4 Animals Is What I Rock Now:) I Hope U Pick Me To Gift U a Beautiful Massage, Maybe Become Friends, You Know Who You R 🙂 Thank U to My Clients/Friends 4 Supporting My Small Business & Understanding The Art of Massage Can Have Balance & Still Be The Best in Town:) Remember Pets R Welcome & Stay Safe This Year:) Take Your Vitamins, Drive Slower & Enjoy Every Moment U Can In Complete Grace & Relaxation:) Life Goes By Fast Catch All Those Little Moments That Make U Happy:) For Folks That Read My Other Post, I Will Always Keep You Updated On When I May Take a Few Days Off Or If I Run Into Another On-Line Troll That I Need 2 Address:( Be an Example of What a Kind Person Can Be But Always Stand Up 2 Bullies Especially On-line:) Grace, Love & Thoughtfulness 4 Animals & People U Know Or Don’t Know Makes The World a Great Place 2 Hang Out, Especially In “Wendy’s World”
Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Happy February To Everyone:) Enjoy Spring Time Almost Here:)

Wow Here In Florida It’s Been Cold 4 Florida! Thank You To All My Great Clients & Friends Near & Far:) You Know Who You R & I Wish All of You Sweet/Kind Folks a Great Year:) Enjoy Some Nice Services I Offer Here In Palm Bay By Me, Miss Wendy Arlene:) Always Private & Always Safe 4 You to Have Plenty of Time to Relax with My Hands & Personality:) Remember Pets R Always Welcome & All I Need Is Sometimes Time to Set aside Time Especially 4 You to Hang Out:)
Starting in March, New, Mix & Match Your Session Which is Optional 4 You:) “Serenity Thai Yoga’ So I Stretch You Out In My “Serenity Room’ & Then Enjoy a Swedish/Thai Massage To Really Really Enjoy The Relaxation & Rejuvenation This Kind of Session Can Offer You:) All I Ask Is You Really Want To Learn a Bit How To Really Stretch & Rejuvenate Your Body:) Only $100 & Its All Very Worth It:)
Remember My Moto 4 This Year is Be Kind Unwind & Know You Do Have a Place To Relax & Get Something Different 4 Wellbeing & Uplifting Feeling:)
Also Remember Pets R Welcome & I Always Look Forward to Meeting You Again or To Meet You 4 The First Time:)
Thank You 4 Stopping On-Line Bullying From Last Month:) I Feel It’s Important To Fight 4 What Is Right & Enjoy The Best Life Now & Forever:)
Cheers & Happy Valentines Month Too:)

Happy Day & January 3rd 2024 The Year of Our Lord, So The English Say:)

Hi Friends, Well If Your Visiting Florida This Week? Burr Its a Bit Chilly:( So The Scoop is, Yes, It Does Get Cold In Florida But Only Maybe Two Weeks Out of the Whole Year! Usually Here, It’s in the 80’s Which We All Like:) Personally When I Lived In Canada With My Dad, I Really Loved Ice Skating & Taking a Matt Down the Hill & Walking Back Up:) Honestly, I Don’t Know How To Spell The Sport But You Know What I’m Talking About, Yes?

So Enjoy My New Word For The Year, “Sisu’ Which is a Finnish Word That Means, Tenacity, Toughness, Bold Courage & I think is The Perfect Word For This Year:) The Movie Called, “Sisu’ is Pretty Cool Too:)
See My Mom & Me And My Bunny Mr Pancake Who Has Long Past Now:( They Live In My Heart:)
Look Though My Website For Some Dance Videos Up By January 8th Though Out My Website:) Enjoy!
So Of Course The Year Has To Start Off With Drama! LOL 🙂 One of My Competitors That Advertise Close To Me & Only a Few Who Read This Knows Who I Am Talking About:) You See My Videos & Pictures! You Know Me 4 Years Some of You! Yes? Go Figure, Claire Who Advertise Insinuates That I May Not Be a Women! What The Fudge? Crazy Lady To Get Folks To Call Her Instead I Guess? Pretty Low & Nasty! I Simply Point Out The Price Difference & How I Truly Care About My Clients & Describe The Art of Massage:) She Calls Herself a “Provider 4 Decades So Says’ Ok So There is a Difference in Prices of Course! Yes? So It Hurt a Bit But In This World People Can Be Mean Especially Behind a Computer! So Lets Be Nicer & More Loving to Each Other This Year! Yes? Folks That Know Me? You Have My Ok to Tell Her Other Wise, Or Anything that Rhymes With Tires! Claire, 1-321-617-3793 Bullying Should Stop & I Think this Kind of Person Who Does This To Her Competitors Should Know Its Not Cool & Maybe She Needs To Close Her Legs & Get Check Out Her Self More Ways Than One! So Let’s All Remember To Be Kind & Unwind & Know Your R Appreciated By Me & The World! Peace Out

Happy Day Dec31th & 4 The New Year, 2024:)

Happy Day Always & Everyday Not Just One Day! I Guess What I’ve Learned This Year More & More As I Get Older Like Us All:) Who Knows What The Future Holds & Making Friends Is Super Cool:) So, When I See New & Old Clients, You Become My Friends 4 a Long Time:) Not Just About Money or Getting What I Can, Money Is Not King To Me:) U as a Person Is! What Is Going On In Your Life & When Your Back & Body Needs TLC? I Can Be Your Massage Therapist Friend, Me, Wendy Arlene! You Will Always See New & Old Photos, So Enjoy:) As Ads R So Deceiving With Old Pictures of People In The Same Pose:( Enjoy My Fun & Creative Art Work Of The Years & This Year:) U Have to Sometimes Go Through All My Pages & Content to See What’s New & Said About New Therapies! I Always Get Better & Better Each Year With Awesome “Herbal Hair Removal Services’ & Ways to Make Your Massage More Relaxing & Healing 4 U Always:)
So On a Bit Serious Note 4 Maybe New Folks Looking Here: There is Lot’s of Human Trafficing Theses Days Through The America’s:( So Yes, Maybe You Can Get Full Service In The Cities By Foreigners Who Don’t Speak English! But Is It Helping Those Folks When You Go? No It Does Not:( Whatever You Do, Chose Good & Someone Who Wants To Really Service You To Make The World A More Happier Kinder Place:) Full of Compassion & Grace 4 One Another:)
That Is My Thoughts 4 This Year & Next:) Hope To Meet You Soon:)Remember I Don’t Speak Foreign, Just American White Girl Here:) LOL So Just Enjoy My Website & Peace On Earth Near & Far:) Elon Musk, Call Me:) I Got a Space Video 4 U To Enjoy:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Happy Holidays Friends Enjoy Pampering In Wendy’s World & Whiskey2StayWarm

Hi Friends, I Hope This Holiday Season U Find Time to Relax? 🙂 Maybe, I Can Help? Warm Heated Healing Stones, My Famous Aloe Vera Gel,(No Grease, Or Perfume Smell:) Yay! No Greasy Coconut Oil Or Other Oily Lotions That R Not Truly Natural:( Thank U To All My Repeat Clients:) I Feel So Lucky & I’m So Glad I Moved to Florida From California:) Some of U Maybe Like Well, Is It Just a Standard Boring Massage? The Answer Is No, Enjoy a Variety of Music From The 70’s To The 2000’s:) Whiskey To Warm You Up But Only a Small Amount to Sample In The Beginning Before You Get That “Great Massage’ My Hair Removal System Is Bring Folks From 2 Hours Away:) Simply The Best For Being Gentle, Long Lasting And an Alternative To Waxing Establishments! I Know Other Places Offer Sex But Keep In Mind To Those of U Who May Not Have a Clue? Many of These Places, Asians, Traffic Girls From Place To Place:( So Yes, U Can Get In Very Fast, Why? The Girls R Not Licensed & Forced Into Prostitution:( So Yes, You Can Get Sex From These Establishments But R U Supporting Human Trafficing? Yiks:( I Hope Not?:( Just Be Aware And I Hope You Enjoy The Holidays But Also Help The World, Planet Be More Loving & Helpful:) That All Said, I Love Animals Big & Small:) I Hope U Can Help Rescue Or Adopt a Angel Out There That Would Love to Be Your Best Friend:) To All The Foreign Folks Who May Read My Post, Merry Christmas But I Only Speak English & Can’t Read Any Response:( So Just Enjoy My Website & Be Nice To People Around You Close & Far:) Too Many Mean Folks That Sit In Front Of a Computer Screen To Judge Others:( Who R We To Judge Another? Have We Walked in Their Shoes? No! So In The Spirit of Christmas Lets Love More & Judge Less:) Cheers, From Wendy Arlene & My Friends In High & Low Places:)

Almost December:) Be Out There This Holiday:) & Stay Warm:)

Hi Friends, Can You Believe It? It’s Almost Christmas & The End of The Year:) Enjoy Many of My New Videos! All Done @ Different Times In My Life With Love & The Passion To Show You How Creativity & Fun U Can Have Too:) So Every Month I Share With You My Thoughts 4 The Month, Good & Bad:) So This Month, I Had a Client Come In @ Get A Wonderful Massage Treatment! I Mean, lots of Stretching, Warm/Hot Stones & Warm Non-Greasy Aloe Vera Gel I Make Myself:) So Afterwards, He Said, “You Know, I First I Thought You Were Way Out There’ ” But After Knowing You & Seeing You a Few Times, You R Smart, Very Interesting & Know You Stuff:)’ So I Thought About What He Said & I Responded Like, ” Hey Some Folks Say & Think That’ He Was From a Small Town & Lets Just Say Not California:) I Said, “Well, I’m Creative & a Free Thinker. I Follow My Own Inner Drummer’ I Once Did Do What Everyone Else Does & That Was “Boring’ & Mindless’ I Hope More People Can Be More Them selves & Be Creative In Their Own Way:) You Can Still Be Super Smart & Pay Your Bills’ LOL:) So As I Gave This More Thought & Thinking About Other “Out There Folks’ Elon & Albert Einstein Because Their Thoughts & Ideas Where Out There Too! How Do Inventions, New Ways 2 See Our Planet If You Don’t Live Out There a Bit?:) I Try To Make My “Massage & Skincare’ Services Be Different & More Authentic 4 You Than Most Out There:) I Appreciate All My Lovely Clients & Hope This New Year Can Be More About Peace, Non Judgement of Others & Love:) I Guess That Comes From My Hippie Side & Maybe The Hippies Had The Right Ideas Than All The Hate Out There Today:( We R All Different & Unique So Embrace That About Yourself & Live Out There a Bit:) I Promise Not To Tell or Judge:) Remember Pets Welcome & Remember If Your From Another Country & Catch My Blog. I Only Speech English & Can Not Access Your Comments:)So Just Enjoy & Be Happy Where Ever You May Be My Friends:) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year:) Coming Soon 2024:)

Welcome To The Holidays & Kinder Massage 4 You

Have Fun with Your Pets:) Pet’s R Welcome! This Season, I Will Be Available To Most For a Super der Massage:) Like Wild Girls? I’m Not And I’m Honest About That:) I’m The Lass You See When You Want More Serenity Into Your Life & a Genuine Happy Experience In The Art of Massage:) Thank You To All My Wonderful Clients & I Love You All! I Appreciate All Of You & For Watching Out 4 Human Trafficing To Keep Women Safer & Not Be Expoited:( Many Girls In The City R & Along As John’s Keep Taking Advantage, It Will Continue:( Make Sure Where You Go & That The Lady Wants To Do Things That Most Women Would Not So We All Can Make The World a Better Place 4 All Of Us 🙂 Enjoy, Be Pampered & Relax With a Great Massage 4 a Great Prices, $80 Bucks & Also Try My “Herbal Hair Removal Services! Simply The Best, Long Lasting & Gentle:) Only $20 Extra:) I Have Folks From All Over Florida Loving This Way to Remove Hair:) I Believe You Will Too:) Have a Beautiful Toasty Holiday:)

Almost Halloween & I Wish All Of You a Fun Season:)

Great Is Different & I Guess That Is Me:) Why Do What Everyone Else Does Because? Never Be Fearful To Be Yourself:) That Is What You Get With Me:) Authentic & I Care About My Clients:) I Remember Mostly Everything That You Care About & Wish You The Best:) As The World Gets More & More Crazy:( I’m Here As a “Refreshing Alternative To Prostitution Massage! Yes, I’m Not as Wild As Many Of My Peers Or Do I Want To Be:( I Give My “Best Massage’ 4 You, I Trained & Work To Make Natural Organic Aloe Vera Gel & My Hair Removal System Is Awesome:) OK, So We Can Brake This Down More Today & Talk About The Difference Between What Is a “Provider’ Terms Used By Prostitutes Or “Body Rub’ So What’s The Big Deal? Glad You Asked:) Well No Schooling to Test The Abilities To Successful Get Someone Out of Physical Pain Or Hair Removal! Can They Detect Maybe a Mole That Needs Attention & To Point Out, as a Skincare Professional Can:) My Diplomas Hang On My Wall So You Can See:) So Miss Wendy Why Not Just Do Whatever 4 The Bucks & Then Guys that Review Prostitutes Will Give You a Good Review? The “Willie Types’ No Thanks:( I’d Rather Be Liked By The Right Folks Than Liked By The Wrong Folks! So If You Still R Like Well, Prostitution Is The Best! Is It Really? Ok Lets Brake It Down The Way I See It So You Get Where I’m Coming From Here….If a Prostitute, I Mean “Provider’ Sees 2 Clients a Day, 5 X’s a Week X’s( Month) 4 = 40 clients. Very Conservative Probably More But I’m Being Fair/Nice:) Say 20 R Regular Clients Not New But Many See Other Prostitutes In between & 20 New Clients = 40 x 12 =480 Guys Many Let You Know They R Known 4 a Decade So That’s 480 X’s 10 = 4800 Men So WOW!!!! That’s a Lot & This is Very Conservative:) Ask Them? So You Know & Can Understand Why That Is Not My “Business Model'( If You Want To Love Another Women Or R In Love With Another Women Now? Why Would You Bring a Nasty Home? Just Too Yucky 4 Me:( My Massage/Skincare Service Is Not Boring & Very Very Relaxing & Creative:) These “Providers’ Everyday They Wake Up, Suck, Fuck & Get Fingered Everyday! Don’t Get Me Wrong, Good 4 Them If They Can Do That Everyday! Again, I Just Don’t Role That Way & I Hope You Can Appreciate Why? 🙂 Pet’s R Welcome & I Only Ask 4 $80 & Only $20 4 My Awesome Hair Removal System! Gentle & Safe For The Body:) Get Some White Cedar Soap & Aloe Vera Gel Soon:) I Can Only Do Quality Work, So I Do Only See a Few Clients a Day:) So Call Again If I Miss You & Thank U 4 Supporting My Small American Business:) Let’s Pray 4 World Peace & To Be Kinder & More Supportive 4 Each Other:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene