Still May Almost June, I Could Not Wait:)

Hi Friends, I Hope You Enjoy All My Newest Videos:) I’m Still Learning To Do Word Press Myself:) So My Website May Not Be Perfect All The Time:( So Be Patient With Me & Enjoy What I Have Up Now:) I Will Be Branching Out & Selling My “Bikini Feet Classics’ Photos & Videos By July or Sooner:) I’ll Let You Know:) Remember I Offer a Great Massage In Palm Bay Florida Only:) For Any Foreign Folks Who May See My Website But Can Not See Me?:( Maybe My Videos For Sell & Here Will Put a Bit Joy Into Your Life:) The Difference Between My Vintage Style Feminine Approach To My Photos & Videos; Is You See My Art Style Through The Artist Eyes, Me:) How I see Life, Love & Beauty On The Beach & With My Beautiful Pets:) Nothing Is Presented In a Un Lady Like Way Or Just Showing Everything Like May Artist Do These Days? More Classic Art Like Back In The Old America Where Women Were Very Pretty & Classy Too:) Oh Ya, My Massage and Skincare Services Help Feed My Animals & Me So Please If Your Nice & Not Looking For Just Sex? Call Me During My Business Hours!
Cheers, Wendy Arlene

It’s Still May:) LOL I Typed In March Last Time, LOL Time Flies, Sorry:(

So What’s New? What? Your Asking “Wendy Arlene, the Celtic/Irish Lass? πŸ™‚ So, Just Got Back From a Trip Down To Coral Springs, Took My Credits For My School in “Massage Therapy’ But Broke My Phone:( But My Phone Still Works, Just Not My Screen and Boy I Take Many Photos:) So now, Besides Always Using “Aloe Vera Gel’ That I Make & Really is the Best is the Biz:) I now, Offer another Amazing Product Used with The Aloe Vera Gel’ that I make myself called, “Wendy’s Whiskey Tonic’Β  a Gel:) Just Great Stuff & Works Wonders on Feet & Back Congestion:) Excess Oil and My Feet Rubs R Truly Wonderful:)

I Know You Have Other Options & I Hope To Keep Massage Super Exciting In a Classy Skilled & Thoughtful Way:) Yes, I Need Money, Who Doesn’t? I Want To Help You & Earn It Right But At The Same Time Have The Best Massage You Have Ever Had:) It’s Only $80 Bucks & I’m Just as Skilled As Anyone Out There if Not Better:) I Want To Be Liked For All The Right Reasons:) Loved, But I Won’t Push It:)

Only $20 for Extra Hair Removal Or a Bigger Person with Large Muscles & Wants Deep Tissue & So I Can Treat My Hands After with Extra Lotion:) Just Kidding

I Don’t Use Wax, Again I Don’t Use Wax, LOL Remember It’s Barbaric & Hurts the Skin:(

Great To Feel & Look Smooth:) Be Safe Out There & Love An Animals Today:)More Videos Coming The Third Week Of May:)

Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Happy May Fun:) With Massage, Skin Pampering & Info To Keep In The Know:)

Enjoy Always a Beautiful Fun Massage:) Don’t Pay The High Prices & When a Gal Says She is a Provider and Prices Start @ $150 Plus Plus You R Not Getting The Massage You Deserve:( Have Fun & Enjoy If It’s Your Thing? πŸ™‚ A Smart Pretty Lass Who Looks @ You Like a Friend & Not Just an ATM Ticket:) I Want To Help You & Have a Few Laughs & Try Some of My Fun Relaxing Spirits/ Beverages:) Taking a Course in the Art & History of Fine Whiskeys Around the World:) Wow So Many of Them to Learn But Such Fun:) Enjoy with me, but not Too Much:) I Will Be Gone This Sunday May 7th, 2023 to Take My Extra Credits To Keep My Massage License:) I’m Taking Another, “Thai Foot Massage’ Course with one of my Favorite Teachers Down South:) So Enjoy Some Good Old Foot Rubin, Massage At It’s Finest For Less And Don’t Be Fools By Those Who Advertise Around Me That Say They Are Providers, Why Have Them Provide You a Over Worked Over Stretched “V’ (no Thanks if I was a dude) massage and if no main squeeze? Porn Please — Skip that Bullshit & Just Get a Good Massage:) For a Better Massage Then Anywhere Around Town For Less:) I Do Screen Calls & Some Folks I May Not Be The Therapist 4 You and Visa Versa and That is OK:) Yes? No Hard Feelings:) I Just Tell When Someone May Be Looking 4 More & I Hate To Disappoint or Work Really Hard And All You Want Is More Than My Ad and Skills Can Provide @ the Level IΒ  Wish To Go:) I Hope You Understand? Have a Beautiful Day & Remember to Help the Wildlife Around You Since Florida is Being Built up so Fast:( Maybe a Bird feeder or Two?

Have a Wonderful Day:)

Still April Showers with Sunshine- Add Healthy Massage:)

Past & Present:) New & Older:) Life Goes On For a Healthier Life 4 Both of Us:) Enjoy Just an Artsy Lovely 100 percent of my Effort Massage! Yes, like my Post Represent, I Am Not a Money Grabber or Sell My Soul For Cash! I’m a Truly Unique Irish/Celtic Lass, 100% & was Taught to work hard for my Keep:) If You Want to Just “Fully Relax’ and Enjoy of a Bit of Fystee Lass? I Maybe you Irish Gem:) See my “Beautiful Artsy Leg Art’ I’m now a “Ink Model’ I Sport both my Before & After Photos because I look even better just have “Ink Art’ to Represent my Love for Animals & To Be More Unique about my Passion 4 Pets & Wildlife!:) We are Losing R Wildness with all the construction here in Florida:( Wildlife is Displaced, so if you can? Help Animals in your neighborhood if you can would be Great! πŸ™‚ Yes? So for my Bit of Dismay, Seeing Girls in Merrit Island now, offering Crazy Unsafe Practices Now:) Be Safe, May Reviews R Saying these middle aged gals R doing BBBJCIM I did not know what that meant till I looked it up:( Wow!!! So Dangerous for Everyone! Why? Because one lady for sure is doing this with Many Many Men a Day! So the “Liberty Love Shit’ May just take you to the Doctors Office for your Jewels to get a “Liberty Anti-Cream’ that may or may Not work to get ride of what ever the Last guy had, Yiks:) Be Safe Please Please Please! Even if you think, ‘Ya Wendy your Sweet and All But I Need a Prostitute” Ok Good Luck But Be Safe So Florida can be a Wonderful place for you to be healthy for many years to come! πŸ™‚ Yes? Ok Enough of that but look @ Reviews Before Your Jewels R No Longer Your Jewels but a “Hot Mess of Rashes’:( It’s Always Good to Just be Honest and I am not trying to hurt others Business practice, just Sending an SOS to some that may not know before hand! Now you know and now I go to take a walk:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Cheers, Wendy Arlene

April Is Here:) Daylight Is Longer Too:) Yay…I’m Here4You

Hi there, to all my Coolest, Kindness Clients/Friends, Thank you for you Support in my Dreams & for the Positive feedback in all my Newest Therapies:) If you are New to Miss Wendy Arlene’s World and might be Interested in “Gentle Hair Removal” ? Please go to my page close by called, “Wendy’s Massage Menu’ and see my video called, “Space Coast Treasures’ for Details Information:)

Enjoy some of my Newest pictures and I hope you Enjoy You Classic Vintage Art? πŸ™‚ I’m a Model, Artist & Therapist and Combine my Massage & Skincare Business with my Artsy side:)Β  A new video coming out soon on my Contact page, called, Silent Space Movie. If you like the one I have up now? You will like the new one and more of me in it and super creative:) Inspired by the silent movies of the 1920’s and how well they were made and very funny:) See Dolly Rose & Me still pretty girls:)

I’m still figuring out word press here so be Patient, I see on the left Comments so for foreign folks or whatever, I can’t see them or read them, so maybe just skip doing that on my site:) Just enjoy

Have a Beautiful Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day & Next Day!

I had so much to do on this Fun Fystee day, St, Patrick’s Day and now it might be March 18th:( Oh well its better to be late then not here at all:) Yes? Enjoy this Beautiful weather and remember if its Cold? Enjoy my warm stones with my fresh made by me, “Aloe Vera Gel” Wow:) I get so many Compliments on my products and I hope you can Enjoy one of my Session Experiences Soon?:) I always get better and never stay the same and even my very few but ‘Some Haters’ willΒ  still look to see what I’m doing next:)LOL I always try my Best to Improve and my goal is to bring the “Art of Massage’ back to Full Appreciation & Most of All “Respect’ for the Job of Totally getting you to Feel Your Best:) So give me a chance to give you the “Best Massage’ if you are looking for “Sex’ ? I’m Not Your Girl, Sorry to Say:( So you will find for sure all around my ads, women who will do Anything for a buck, which makes me sad but this is a Service that many folks want. I’m looking for the few and super nice folks who would like the spend time with me and Enjoy being yourself on my table and let my hands and products show you what I can do and I’m Super Pretty too:) My Bikini Classic Photo Art will be for sell soon and you will not see my Best work for now but you will see some soon:) I will share soon about my new projects! What I learned this year, “Friends are hard to come by and Love is all you need but be careful who you call friends and if you want my advise? Your pets will never let you down just feed them and shelter them and they will “Love’ you always!

Cheers, Wendy Arlene

Almost March:) Feet Awareness Month:) Best Massage 4 U Always:)

Take Care of your Feet with Me, Miss Wendy Arlene, “Bikini Feet, Strawberry Feet, Fitness Feet & Florida Feet Always Need To Be Pampered:) Yes? TryΒ  My Wonderful Art of Massage By Miss Wendy Arlene:) My Signature Massage with My Wonderful Touch Dedicated For U πŸ™‚ My Gift? πŸ™‚ To Feel What You Feel πŸ™‚ To Gift You How I Would Want My Massage To Feel Like:)

I Know You All Travel Through Traffic & Time Constraints To See Me Or Think About Seeing Me:) I’m Honored & That Is Why I Specialize In Longer Sessions As Much As I Can 4 U πŸ™‚

For All My Clients That Follow Me & Who I Appreciate & Care About So Much…:) You Know I Always Change & Improve My Business While Keeping My Practice Classy & Fun πŸ™‚

True, I’m Not Like Any Lady You May Follow Or Look Up Later:) I Bring a Special Value To Your Time By Making Your Massage Feel So Wonderful That It’s Impossible 4 U To Compare Me To Others:) Just Really Really Want The Best Massage You Have Ever Had In a Classy Style Approach:) New Business Coming Soon & Next Month I Will Let You Know Where To Find Me… πŸ™‚ All I Ask Is Respect & Understanding That I’m Not a Porn Lady But Truly a Unique Women To Meet:)

Have a Beautiful Day & Month ..FYI: Remember I Only Work For Myself and Schedule May Take Time or Not Just Depends On The Day You Call & Time:) If You Talk Disrespectfully Or Ask Stuff I Don’t Do πŸ™ I Will Have To Respectful Get Off The Phone quickly πŸ™ I Don’t Want To So Please Only Call If You Want The Best Massage 4 Less & The Best Foot Rub Too:) Have You Seen My Office Lately? So Cool πŸ™‚

Cheers, Wendy Arlene πŸ™‚ Remember Pets Welcome Too πŸ™‚ Dolly Rose Got a New Bed ..Happy Girl Today:)Β  I Got attacked by a neighbors dog so I did something Fun with it above to make “Lemonade Out of Lemons’ Boy It Hurt Though πŸ™

February Is Here:) I Hope Everyone Enjoyed My Space Poem? :) On Contact Page

Hi Friends, Its February, Yay:) Time to give yourself a Bit of an R & R Experience:) OK, I’ve been to the local pedicure folks in my area:) Yes, my Feet & Toes look Great:) But I can do it Better in the Relaxation Theme of Things:)

I can trim the ‘Toenails’ if needed? For the “Rest’? Its the “Best’ Foot Soak’ with Epsom salts’ followed by an, “Epsom Salt/Sea Salt Scrub with a Massage on the Feet’ ( Reflexology) I model my Feet πŸ™‚ I Love “Feet’ and Yours:) Ask for a “Foot Spa Treatment’ Along with your Wonderful Massage!:)

I also work on a Hand Spa Treatment too:) & Scalp Care:) I Work to have Each & Every Session be as Pampering as Possible:) So where ever you Ever Go, You Will Be Like ….” Wendy Does The Best Job When I’m In “Wendy’s World’ That Said, My Goal, is to have you Feel Better This Way….Follow …. Follow …. Me Here…. My Prices $80 to $100 and that Includes Foot Care, Hair Removal & Massage:) Then What Ever You Do Or Go For Other Services? Maybe I can get you “Looking & Feeling’ your Best’ without the Guilt, Empty Wallet & Wondering if all your Parts are Safe afterwards:) Be the Few The Proud and Think about your Spa Experience Differently:) Yes? Be Smart, Support Small American Business:)

I Hope To Reach Out To a Few of You:) Everyone else, even if I never Meet You, I Still Wish All of You a Happy Day Always:) I Will Want To Talk to You On The Phone First When You Call Me:) I Hope That Is OK?

Have a Beautiful Day:) Oh And I Love All Kinds of Animals:)

Almost February:) Yay 2023

Hi Friends, Not Sure If My “Space Video Poem’ Has Rendered Successfully? πŸ™ I’m Still Working On The Technology Myself:) I Will Have It Fixed By Next Week For Sure πŸ™‚ Enjoy Some Beautiful, Artsy Creative Fun Feet Pictures Here & On My Contact Page:) Starting February 1st, 2023, “Ashiatsu Massage (Japanese Style Foot Pressure Massage Along With My Thai/Swedish Massage” Feels Amazing & So Healing 4 Your Body, Mind & Spirit:) I Always Offer, Feet Suds Soak With Healing Salts & Aloe Vera Gel 4 Your Feet & Body:) Enjoy & Give Me a Call When You R Ready:) My Therapies R Wonderful & Therapeutic! :)Enjoy Your Day & Remember I Work 4 Myself & I Need Your Patience For Scheduling:)

Special Note: The Car Below Is Not Mine But The Space Suite Is Mine πŸ™‚ Here Is My Quote, “I May Not Be Rich, But I Can Dream” Unquote By Me, Miss Wendy Arlene:)Β  Trumpet The Dog Here, WonΒ  “Best In Show’ The Best of The Best:) For Beautiful Dogs:) He was my favorite & Great Personality too:)

New Video Coming Soon:) Very Cool:) Take Care of your Feet :)

Take Care of Your Feet:) New 4 2023:) Experience a Wonderful Relaxing Unique Thai/Swedish Massage with a Super Fabulous Foot Rub:) Better than just a Peticure because as a Massage Therapist, I Add Reflexology & Sport The Best Heels 4 Fun And Visual:) Learn much about your body through Foot Rubs & Care:)

Remember it’s still “Human Trafficing’ Month in January:(Β  I knowΒ  ‘Everything’ you can get is on the Table all over Florida, even now, here in my City of Palm Bay:( Please Support Women & Business that work Independently & That Do Not Sell Women so they can have Sex with anyone who walks in:(

Each action we take can make the World a Better place! How you know? Does the Girl have a licensed and does she look Happy? Be Safe, Be a Great Person in our World & Enjoy a Wonderful Great Massage where ever you find yourself:)

Cheers, Wendy