Happy Memorial Day! Time To Remember & Love Our Pets

My “Questions & Answers” Page

  1. Q: What’s New In Wendy’s World?
    A: Glad you asked. For the Adventurous Client who wants a deeper experience through touch. My new session is Awesome! For a More Deeper More Relaxing Session! I offer an Authentic Deep Tissue Japanese Style Massage during my session using deep pressure point touch along with my heating elements from the earth and sea. For Deeper Relaxation, Cleansing and Deep Authentic Touch! Ask me for my Japanese Style or Enjoy my “Classic Rosewood Massage” for a medium/lighter touch. Let me know which one your interested in. Both are Awesome Experiences!
  2. Q: Wendy you have in your advertisement that you don’t UP Sell. What do you mean by this statement?
    A: Why I put that up on my advertisement is simple because that most ads quote a bottom line price. But when your enjoying a session, before, in the middle or end. Your hit with expectations of large tips and more money for basic services. Everything you read about my sessions is all included in the price. Hair removal is the Only service that cost an Extra $20 because I use a product that is very expensive but gives you the BEST results possible in hair removal services. No Pain, No Wax Only Yes, I’m So Glad I Saw Miss Wendy for a wonderful treatment.
  3. Q: What new treatments are you going to be offering in this new year Miss Wendy? A: Glad you asked me this question! I will have another bigger room in the same location and for all of you needing more stretching and heat therapy. My new space will offer just what you need to heal joint pain with stretching and heat therapy. With all the physical work I do everyday. I too have had some joint pain and now more than ever want to bring pain relieve, joint mobility along with deep relaxation to my practice.
  4. Q: Why, Miss Wendy, Are You Offer 60 & Longer Sessions & Not 1/2 Hour Sessions? To Offer You a Real Massage & 1/2 hour Is Just Not Long Enough If a Real Massage Is What You Really Want to Truly Relax With Me, Miss Wendy Arlene! Hope I Can Help You?
    A: Well, glad you asked me. Take advantage of my extensive education, dedication to learning and researching new techniques to reduce physical and emotional stress. I use Candlelight, Vintage Style Smoothing Music, and a Sincere Healing Touch! Just enjoy a Great Massage! You won’t be disappointed!
  5. Q: Wendy, how are you different from other ads out there I see posted around you?
    A: Good question to asked me. Every year I try to Improve my Services. I ask myself what would make a person want to see me or than see me again? Again, it comes down to wanting to make a difference through Touch & Simply allowing clients more time to just hang out and enjoy a Longer Unrushed Session at a Very Fair Price that Everyone can Afford without feeling like an ATM.
  6. Q: Miss Wendy, it looks like you really like animals! What do you do in your spare time?
    A: Yes, I do really like animals. The little lady I’m holding is my sweet, Dolly Rose. When I’m able to make extra money. I try to donate Money, My Time & Pet Food to different Animal Rescue Groups. So I need to make a living to support myself and my little dog, Dolly Rose but I also try to do my part to help homeless animals. I tell everyone who will listen. If you have Love & Time to give go out a rescue a homeless animal in our local shelters. You will be glad you did. I’m Glad I Did!!!Here I just wanted to share one of my clients comments in a text after his session…
    “Wendy I wanted to thank you for a Wonderful session yesterday. You are very warm and very good at what you do. I wish you the best and hope to see you again soon” I truly want to offer each and everyone of you the opportunity to Enjoy one of my sessions at an affordable price. We all need a little TLC sometimes. I believe like this one client you will feel the same way. I hope to meet you soon.”
  7. Wendy you have so many pictures and videos now. I see you have a few body art tattoos. What was your reasons for your new art and story behind it? I started working on my body tattoo art about three years ago. I wanted to have some Beautiful Tattoos that have personal meaning to me. I wanted my tattoos to be a representation of my Love for animals and all that is Beautiful in the world. I want people to see me for my kind heart and personality beyond anything else that superficial. I wish more people would see the world like I see the world. Unique Beautiful starts from our soul and is expressed in the physical world. Being that I’m a feisty Irish lass and my creative natural. I guess tattoos are a part of who I’am now. Most important to me is to give each of my clients a place to relax and be themselves in a safe place. Let’s met and celebrate our Unique Individual Personalities with Cheers & Joy!

Enjoy my video below friends. One of my favorite videos done on the beaches of Melbourne, Florida. I hope you like the fun humorous twist at the end that might make you Smile? On my Mom’s side, my Grand Father and his family settled in North Carolina in 1710. When I found that out, I really wanted to do a dance that reflected my Irish heritage. I really hope you enjoy my video and I hope to meet you soon. Cheers

“It’s Easy To Make A Buck. It’s Tougher To Make A Difference” -Tom Brokaw

Bottom Line! Stop By And Hang Your Hat In “Wendy’s World. Enjoy Using All Your Senses And Discover The Power Of Intuitive Touch Combined With The Healing Tools Of The Earth & Sea! Cheers

Remember Friends, My Herbal Hair Removal System Is Pain Free, Last For Weeks, Fast & Easy. Most Of All Doe Not Take Away From Your Massage Time. Enjoy Feeling Sexier & Smoother All Year Round!