Yay! Just Received My Diploma…Stay Warm!

I love learning and growing so I can Gift you the Best massage! I just finished my extra credits for my Massage licensed. I decided to learn more about Thai Massage Techniques. I Love to add these moves with my Massages using heated stones along with a New Better Gel! Feels Amazing.

Just a Special Note: Life may get a bit rough, The Virus, Our Government and may people suffering from Depression and Loneness!

My Mission is to Gift you a Quiet, Cozy and Most of all Safe place with an Air Filter. Precautions are always  taken to Offer you a place to go that you have Confidence that you will Leave Healthier & Happier than before you called me.

Freedom of Speech is being taking from us fast. So keep my number and try to help people when you see they need help.

We must help each other and I Really Appreciate all of you who have Supported my Small American Business.

I Truly Love you all. I miss going to the beach. Always a Healthy place to Feel more positive about Life!


Enjoy This Beautiful Day & Week!

  Enjoy a Beautiful Day and Week. Please scroll down to see Unique videos and through my website. My more vintage videos I did through the past 13 years can be found on www.welcometowendysworld.com. Here in Wendy’s World you are Never Rushed or Pushed aside for Someone Else. When you make a time with me. Your Special. You Picked me to Gift you a Great Massage. Money? Sure we all need it to Survive so Supporting my Small Business is Great and Thank you so very much.  Making you feel Better Physically and Giving you a Positive Step to your day!

Cheers, Wendy

Happy New Years In 2021

Wishing all my Great Clients the Best New Year for 2021 ever.   Thank you from the Bottom and Top of my Heart for Supporting my small local business.  Remember call for not just a Great Deep Tissue Massage! But call Because your Open to trying Again if you gone somewhere else, what is  Really  Great massage can Feel like.  Please prepare to be open to how a massage can feel like and let go of negative thoughts and worries.   Please Call when your Ready and I’ll get Ready to prepare and Gift you the Very Best Massage ever.  Feel, Feel Feel and close your eyes, Breathe and Let Go! My Herbal Hair Removal is so Awesome too.

If this does not really interest you? Cool, its OK…. No worries….. This is just what I want to do and I think if your Open minded you will Enjoy for a Very Affordable price.

Safety is Always practiced so you know when you visit my office is Germ Free.

Cheers, Wendy & Nelson

Merry Christmas Eve Friends!

Have a Beautiful Christmas! Let’s  hope next year is super nice and full of good fortune for all! Please look at my last blog below for my Really Cool Christmas video. My research video on elephants, ( Amazing) & wolfs (So Smart)… I hope next year and the rest of this year to offer you the Best Massage ever. Please partake in a Wonderful Healing session when your ready to Unwind & Relax!


Merry Christmas Friends

Merry Christmas and please enjoy my video called, “Unlikely Partners” it should be up in a few hours. I want to wish everyone a Beautiful Holiday! Remember I’m always here to offer you a Deeply Relaxing Massage! I’m always Studying and Learning more and more about Traditional Thai Massage! It’s so Powerful and You will Feel Amazing!

Of course, everyone who knows me well, knows I Love animals. So that all said, I hope you like this video that I put up on Christmas week each year. If you don’t see it yet up. It will be shortly.

Please schedule you Special Time with me.  I take time to give you the Time and The Best Massage I can give each day. So please be Patient if I can’t see you last minute or the same day. But I will try!

Have a Beautiful Day!


Enjoy Some Nice Additions & My Comments About This Year

Hi Friends,  what a year, almost over and hopefully next year will be so  Much Better!

Remember Life is Short & I’m here in Palm Bay to Give you my Best!

My reviews are Mostly Really Good! But like every year, once a year, like clock work and the snowbirds.  I get someone who likes to Rip at my Entire Practice from my suite being too small and my Hair Removal Product. What’s Funny is they never say anything till they get behind the computer &  therefore I communicate their concerns or fix it.   That said,  My Formula is Raved by Most of my Clients! Since mastering this treatment. Clients Text, Call and Love this to tell me how Very Happy they are with it.  So that said, please use Natural Soaps, Less Chemicals…. Avoid Nair & Waxing, Only because they traumatize the skin and its important to keep the skin healthy! The only bummer is I don’t have a shower but I make it up with lots and lots of Hot Spa Towels over the Body so you leave with no hint of having a Massage!

My thoughts for this week. Let’s be Kinder & Gentler  to one another. So much Mean talk we do with each other when we are all in Difficult Times doing our Best! Be it with our Politicians or With Each other practicing Random Acts of Kindness can go far and making a Positive Difference in our World. Yes? Have a Beautiful Day!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hi Friends, Merry Christmas. Life is a bit like a roller coaster. But hang on ride it through and enjoy those bumps along the way because when those bumps come. Think I need to see Wendy and get that “Great Massage” & Feel better, Body, Mind & Spirit. Try adding a bit of Stretching with a Great Massage! Here you can see with all my training that your in Great Hands. The difference about me you may ask?  I care about you, your never rushed and I can really help your Body feel better. And, don’t forget to check out all the information I cover thoroughly about my herbal hair removal services. So Smooth you can be and last for weeks. A really Impressive service by itself.

Have a Beautiful Month!

Wooden roller coaster track with blue sky in the background.

Last Days For November, 2020

Last Days of November Madness. If your Stressed out? Get a a Great Massage! This year and next year my goal is to offer the Best massage possible! Just finishing my class in Thai Table Massage! So either on the table or on the matt. Your Choice! Awesome combination when used with my warm stone and Beautiful  gels made by me. Not Greasy and Feels so Good! I want to bring the Art of Massage back to being a Truly Healing Experience on a Grander scale. So if you have given up on Massage or have tried waxing for  Unwanted hair and Really Really want results ? I may be your gal? Your Welcome to call and yes, I do put safety measures in effect to keep you healthy from Nasty Viruses!

Have a Beautiful Day & Week

Happy Halloween, 2020

Have a Fun month and remember to make you Special Visit to try a Great Massage! And, for Beach & Pool Party Fun, Try my Gentle & Experienced Long Last Herbal Hair Removal Service! Here you can see how Feeling Smooth and Looking Hairless can allow you to feel Amazing! Also check out my other website at www.welcometowendysworld.com. Many more Fun & Creative videos to make you smile. I’m an Artsy Gal that Loves to turn my creative talents into Beautiful Fun Free Spirited Videos! So when you have time please enjoy and I hope it Inspires you to go out and Enjoy your life? I sure hope so and Please be Patient if I can’t see you the Same day. I like to make each visit Special and Gift you all the time you need.

Have a Beautiful Day!


Have a Beautiful Week & Weekend

Just had to put these pictures up to show you the Cool factor in a Coco Bear or Just all my Great natural Coconut products.  Actually, this month, October my favorite month. So everyone who wants it? Gets a compliment polished coconut 1/2 shell to take home and sandalwood soap so your skin Feels Awesome just like you do when you leave after seeing me.

OK, the Good News When You Think About Calling Me!

You will never be Rushed, I won’t Charge you just to stay Longer because I know its hard to get to me with Traffic and Schedules!

I’m Safe & Want you to Stay Safe! So Enjoy all the Information About It! This is Important Stay Safe But Live Free & Call Me. Yes?

This is an Important Part to Remember as well friends. I will Always put 100% into giving you the Very Best Massage! I’m All About Deep Tissue from this point on in my Career in the Art of Massage. I’m Better than Ever & My Deal is to Bring the Art of Massage back to you to Give it a Try Again! So Aches & Pains are Reduced when your in Wendy’s World!

The Bad Side Maybe You May Feel….. Since I work for myself and take my Time! Please be Patient, Call Me Early 9:00am and up to 6:00pm …. The Earlier you call the Same day the Better for Same day visits!

Have a Beautiful Day!