Happy New Years For 2022! Enjoy My Beautiful Pet Videos!

Good Day Friends, I hope you had a Beautiful Fun Christmas? My websites are all Fun to See, Read About & Hopefully when your ready want to Enjoy Great music, a Great Massage and maybe Good Conversations or Complete Silence for your expectations of a Great Massage! Deep Tissue this year is Emphasized along with an Uplifting Quiet Therapy! Different than Most but Very Very Nice! Enjoy my Christmas day video with my dog, Dolly Rose and Nelson McNibbles, my southern flying squirrel. Enjoy your Life! Oh ya and if you have an Questions about tattoos? I’m the gal, I have to this date, 76 animal tattoos. I Love Animals and Decided 7 years ago to Dedicate my Beautiful skin to helping to Promote Animal Well fare, wildlife and domestic.

Cheers, Wendy Arlene

November Is Warm? In Wendy’s World Yes!

Thank you to all the Veterans, especially in the Marines! Thank you for serving our Great country! We are very lucky to have Freedom of speech and for women to have Small Business Successfully. Thank you to all my Great clients who know me and Appreciate my Massage Business and Caring Approach! I Care About You All!

1. Caring Therapist…. How can I get you out of Pain? How can I make you Laugh and Feel lighter when you leave?

2. Natural products that I make is used in my practice. Very natural hair removal products…..I had a new client from Orlando that just Loved the hair removal because there is No Pain involved like with Waxing. So please read about my product on the rest of my website.

3. Affordable… $80 for a Massage and $20 for the hair removal with the massage… So $80 or $100.

4. So Bites of Information to ponder, you should not have to pay  Quote “Door Fee’ to get a Massage. That is Just Crazy to me. Why? Here its Not that way. 60-70-80 just to get in the door?

5. I use very Natural products…..What you get on Amazon like gels etc…. I have tried and they always have a Lot of Chemicals Added. For my clients with Sensitive skin, mine is made with Aloe and water with a touch of my magic ingredients.

6. The only down Fall for me is Time and its Just me….. If you plan on seeing me and gift me Notice. You will Enjoy your Longer more Caring Massage! Please Don’t call me if you Just want Full Service(Sex) You will Really Enjoy yourself and I hope you can Give Touch and Massage a Try again. If you “Got Waxed” ? Try my Very Awesome Hair Removal!!! Last, please read ads as if and they are, Individually. This is America. We have Freedom of Speech. At least at this Moment in Time. Each person has their own plan to make Money in Different ways. See and Read is Care to get what your looking for in your Quest to Relax!

Cheers, Wendy


Halloween & Saucy Talk! ! My Favorite Month!

Hi Friends, Thank you so much for checking out my website. Wow, I know, I know, I’m pretty “Quirky” yet Fun and Unique. Great music in my Cozy Office. When I go to my office and open my door. I always feel that I’m in a different time period. Cool stuff!! LOL My Massages are Pretty Good and I hope to offer you a bit of Relaxation someday. Cheers

Cheers and Thank you to all my Clients for keeping me going and being so Nice to me. I appreciate all of you so much.Cheers Wooden roller coaster track with blue sky in the background.

Visit & Relax In The Fall With The Irish

Hi Friends, Enjoy the Fall breeze and a Relaxing Massage before or after.  Sorry, to some of you.  I’m just taking Limited Clients each week.  Remember calling Early is the Best!

I hope you can check out all my Creative Fun Videos & I hope to meet you Soon!

Thank you for Supporting Small American Business!

Cheers to a Beautiful Day!

August It Is, To Smile & Keep It Simple Is Up To You!

Who are these three pictures? Me, Miss Wendy! Express you personality by First, Feeling good in your Body! Enjoy a Great Massage with me and maybe have a few Laughs too! Yesterday,  Customer text me this last night. “Great to meet you today, Fabulous Experience. All the Best, 9/20/21′ Unquote! Have a Beautiful Day! 

Great Week I Hope For Everyone!

Enjoy your week! My clients that know me, know I love to make, wear and create videos, take Cool Creative pictures for Fun & a Smile from You!

Check out my video below called, “Nelson’s Fantastic Massage” The visual speaks for its self how “Great a Massage” can Feel even a little guy like Nelson!  It should be up here in a few days if your don’t see my video yet!  Check back.

Remember,  I have a Cozy, Very Safe place to offer you a Great Massage, someone who cares about you.

I do select a few new clients each week to keep my business safe for all. I’m Vaccinated and I do Encourage Everyone if its right for you to Consider it.

Be patient and call again if our schedules don’t match the first try! All Sincere prospects and returning clients are All Very Important to me. I only work for my self and I will not schedule if I don’t feel, I can give my Very Best massage.

Cheers, Wendy

Hot Outside! My Place is Nice! Vaccinated!

Hi Friends, I found a picture to Emphasize ‘The Relaxed Cool Feeling” after a Massage! Also, Hair Removal at its Finest! I’m Vaccinated, Always Run an Air Filter in a Private office that you will Love!

Please call me when your Ready to Relax and get the Best Massage! I Only see a Few clients a Day! So please call Early…. 9:00am on for a Same day Visit in Palm Bay! FYI: Each Session is Tailored to your needs in a Safe and Quiet Environment. Each person and Interaction will be Different. Some of you may Feel my Massage is Good, Others may think its Great! Remember each day I always try to give Everyone the Best I can each day! Your Second and Third Visit will always be Better than the First!!!! Why? Getting to know each client in a Relaxing No Rush Environment makes a Big Difference in each Session just for You!

Enjoy the end of Summer coming soon.



Hope July Is a Great One For Everyone!

Hi Friends, I hope everyone’s Summer is a Great one? Enjoy the video below along with all the rest of the videos I’ve made over the years. They are all Different and Unique just like me. I Love doing Massage because I get so Much Great Feedback on my Massage sessions and I hope you get a chance to see me. You may even Enjoy Conversation and Laugh a bit too. The video below is to promote my desire to help people that may not have Nice Clothes, or want a Cool Costume or a Quirky piece of clothing to make a statement. I also need donations of clothes too. So if you have a Cool Outfit that you don’t wear anymore, I’ll take it. Remember, I’ll be gone for one day, July 17th…..Back Saturday with a few openings for a Great Massage!

The video is Fun and should be up here on my Blog entry soon if you don’t see it right away. If you want to see a Big Turtle at the beach? Check out my other video in my last Blog entry. Most of my videos are not professional or with special lighting. Just me and just a little time to put what is in my head into a Creative video for you to Enjoy!


Here’s To July & Feet! Remember July 16th I Will Be Gone Back Saturday!

Hi Friends, I hope everyone has a Great Summer & If your Feet are Achy or/and just want your Feet Pampered a bit more? Great! You might like my New Therapy for this month? Thai Foot Massage! 60 or 90 minutes… Ideally 90 minutes. You get the traditional foot soak with a Special blend of herbs designed just for helping your Feet feel Amazing. Followed by a 30 minute Thai Foot Massage Sequence along with Beautiful music to help you Fully Relax! The next 45 minutes, you enjoy a 1/2 Thai & !/2 Swedish Massage! The Best of both words! Specific Pressure Points and Long Soothing Touch!  I hope you Enjoy the picture of my little Buddy, Nelson and me, practicing with my costume makeup for my new projects.  but don’t worry not at work. LOL or will I ?  I  should have a video up on my blog in a few days. Enjoy you Day! FYI: The “Thai Foot Massage” will be Available on July 5th…. If you Really like your Feet Pampered? Try it out

Cheers A bit of trivia about my video. I just had my boom box, my neighbor/friend video tape the above video songs. It was done very  early at the beach during turtle season. So even though the auditory is crappy and my dress was too big at the time, I love the magic of the beach and all the wildlife.  I hope you enjoy just one out of many many videos  I’ve done over the years. I have improved at my editing and making video skills over the years.  Enjoy your Summer before its gone.

June Massage With Foot Rubs! Pamper You Tire Feet!

Hi Friends, I’m taking a “Thai Foot Massage” class, June 8th next week. So I will be gone for a whole day! When I return, enjoy many new techniques for making your Feet feel So So Good & Delicious! Please call When/If/The Answer is, Yes!!! Yes!!! I really want a “Great Massage” Listen to Classic songs, Enjoy the warm vintage style spa, and just Give the Art of Massage another try! You may even Enjoy some Comedy Relief too? I know how to make your Visit Unique And Refreshingly Different from the Pack! Caring, Really Great Hands and Plenty of Time to offer a Very Deep Tissue Massage with Stretching. Oh Wow, your feet will be Pampered too with unique techniques from the Orient! Have a Great Summer, Oh remember check out my website about my hair removal. Its very gentle and very popular.  Cheers Oh and the picture of my car is something some of you wanted to see. I  get so many people taking pictures now .LOL Enjoy Life