Hot Summer Time Aloe Time & Good Massage:)

Hi Friends, Wow it Sure is Hot & Then Some:) I Make Every Other Day, Fresh Natural, Greaseless Aloe Vera Gel:) Feel For Yourself The Refreshing Vibe That This Product Brings To My Massage Practice For You:)
I’m Just Different & I Embrace That About Myself:) I Think This Is What Makes Me So Unique:)
I Am Not Trying To Be Different Or Unique, I’ve Always Followed My Own Drummer So To Speak:) I Have a Very Safe & Very Quiet Office 4 You:) I Am Just An Alternative 2 What You May Find Out There On The Great Big Web! So Much To See & Many Folks Want Your Money. I Need Money Too, Who Does It? Maybe a Lottery Winner, Well If That Was My Case? I’d Be In Europe Sampling & Tasting Whiskey & Scotch Somewhere At a Local Pub:) Being Authentic Is Important to Me & Love To Learn Subjects About Many Things & Enjoy Learning From My Clients:) I Promise You Will Always Get a Great Massage, A Long Quiet Relaxing Massage! I Combine My Passion For Skin Into My Practice, So Enjoy a Mini Facial & Foot Rub:) Wow:) Just Those Two Additions Are Amazing Enough:) Have You Tried My Aloe Vera Gel, Non Greasy Along With Warm Smooth Stones Across Your Body Too:) Wow! I Wish, I Could Do This On Myself:) My Prices Are Only $80 For Massage & That Price Has Not Changes In 14 Years Since I’ve Been In Practice. Only $20 Extra, If You wish To Try My Herbal Hair Removal System:) I’m The Only One By My Knowledge That Offers a Way To Remove Hair For Weeks Without Using Wax! No I Don’t Use Nair:( Because I Am Licensed In Both Massage & Skincare From California & Florida Now, I Get The Best From Europe:) You Will See Ads That Offer Hair Removal & Be Wary:( Unless One Has a License, They Will Not Get The Best Or Have The Experience To Do It Right In My Humble Option:) So Try Me! If You R Into Wild Style Living? Just Try a Classy Lassie At Least Once! & I Can Get You Ready For The Beach & Party Lifestyle:) I’m Kind Of a Geek Yet Pretty & Sweet:)So They Say To Me:) Have a Beautiful Summer:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene:) Oh My Video Art & Stretch Videos Will Be Up For Subscription View Late July:) I Will Let You Know Here On My Blog When I’m Ready:) Cool Unique Video Art From Stretching, Clothes/Beach Wear Designs I Made To Fun Animal Videos And More:) I’m Working On My Newest Project, Studying The Art of Whiskey & I Usually Have Some To Enjoy & I Can Share With You All About The Different Kinds, Taste & History!
So As They Say In Irish Gaelic, “Sainte’ & In English, Cheers My Friends, Let’s Carpe Diam together:)