Staying Happy & Healthy In April!

Hi friends, well its going to be a difficult month. I’m sure we can all remember the good times before the virus came to our shores. Well, this time will pass and I’m taking this time to improve my new office space just for your Relaxation & Giving you a Great massage. I will be offering a fun experience called, “Vintage Style Virtual Tour’ in my new office/room. Just an option  to your Great Massage experience while using the gravity machine to stretch out your back. Your back will feel better as you feel like your in a different Era. Do you like the vibes of the 1970’s and even as far back as the 1940’s? Than you may like to add that experience to your massage. Sitting on my favorite chair watching old movies inspired me to offer you this experience for you. And……………………

I just want to thank my clients/friends for letting me experiment with my different gel ingredients so I could perfect the Best gel ever. Sorry if a few of you smelled like a juicy Strawberry 🙁  Finally my  New gel is truly really really nice. All -Natural- Non-Greasy-No Fruity Smell. Only a Sensual Feeling Gel used Warm or Chilled made from Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber gel with My Secret ingredients at the perfect ratio. And ……..

Be Safe & Hang in there. I’ll be here for you soon. Remember to breath deeply and some of you know how from previous visits with me. Oh and if really like animals especially birds?  I found an old classic video of mine, called, “Meet Elvis” Some of you know that I try to do my part to help homeless animals. This video I took my dog Dolly Rose & myself on a trip to visit a parrot named Elvis. He was lucky and rescued and given to a Loving home. I just want people to know and learn like I did, how loving a parrot can be as a pet besides dogs, cats and bunnies. It’s about 4 1/2 minutes long so if its not your thing than maybe check out my other cool videos. The video can be found at the very very bottom of my Contact page. That’s it folks till next time our paths meet. Cheers

Cheers, Wendy