Enjoy My Once Sometimes Twice Month But Also Once Month Chit Chat:)

Enjoy Living In Paradise & I Hope When Your Ready To Travel Out of Your Cocoon? I Would Love To Give You Lot’s of Time To Relax & Give You The Best Massage That An Irish Lass Can:) Thank You 4 All My Great Reviews This Month:) Yay:) Finally Folks R Appreciating My Hard Work From School, My Soft Voice To Soothe & My Intuitive Touch:) Then, Mixing It All Up To Give You Something Special In The Art & Skill In The Massage World:) I Love Working On Feet & Take Pictures In An Artistic Classic Approach Of Mine:) So Let Me Use Reflexology & Feet Spa Treatments To Make Your Feet Feel Really Good:) Remember My Services R Only $80 Dollars $20 If We R Doing Hair Removal:) Go To The Page Called, “Wendy’s Massage Menu’ to See What My “Herbal Hair Removal System” Is All About 4 You To Stay Smooth:)
Please Keep In Mind, I’m Different, I Work Yes To Make A Living 4 My Pets & Me But I Care About The Folks I Meet To Help You Feel Better, Give You Lots of Time & Gift You Something Different Out There:)
Cheers To a Beautiful Day & Season 4 2023:) Wendy Arlene