Happy Day & January 3rd 2024 The Year of Our Lord, So The English Say:)

Hi Friends, Well If Your Visiting Florida This Week? Burr Its a Bit Chilly:( So The Scoop is, Yes, It Does Get Cold In Florida But Only Maybe Two Weeks Out of the Whole Year! Usually Here, It’s in the 80’s Which We All Like:) Personally When I Lived In Canada With My Dad, I Really Loved Ice Skating & Taking a Matt Down the Hill & Walking Back Up:) Honestly, I Don’t Know How To Spell The Sport But You Know What I’m Talking About, Yes?

So Enjoy My New Word For The Year, “Sisu’ Which is a Finnish Word That Means, Tenacity, Toughness, Bold Courage & I think is The Perfect Word For This Year:) The Movie Called, “Sisu’ is Pretty Cool Too:)
See My Mom & Me And My Bunny Mr Pancake Who Has Long Past Now:( They Live In My Heart:)
Look Though My Website For Some Dance Videos Up By January 8th Though Out My Website:) Enjoy!
So Of Course The Year Has To Start Off With Drama! LOL 🙂 One of My Competitors That Advertise Close To Me & Only a Few Who Read This Knows Who I Am Talking About:) You See My Videos & Pictures! You Know Me 4 Years Some of You! Yes? Go Figure, Claire Who Advertise Insinuates That I May Not Be a Women! What The Fudge? Crazy Lady To Get Folks To Call Her Instead I Guess? Pretty Low & Nasty! I Simply Point Out The Price Difference & How I Truly Care About My Clients & Describe The Art of Massage:) She Calls Herself a “Provider 4 Decades So Says’ Ok So There is a Difference in Prices of Course! Yes? So It Hurt a Bit But In This World People Can Be Mean Especially Behind a Computer! So Lets Be Nicer & More Loving to Each Other This Year! Yes? Folks That Know Me? You Have My Ok to Tell Her Other Wise, Or Anything that Rhymes With Tires! Claire, 1-321-617-3793 Bullying Should Stop & I Think this Kind of Person Who Does This To Her Competitors Should Know Its Not Cool & Maybe She Needs To Close Her Legs & Get Check Out Her Self More Ways Than One! So Let’s All Remember To Be Kind & Unwind & Know Your R Appreciated By Me & The World! Peace Out