Happy New Years In 2021

Wishing all my Great Clients the Best New Year for 2021 ever.   Thank you from the Bottom and Top of my Heart for Supporting my small local business.  Remember call for not just a Great Deep Tissue Massage! But call Because your Open to trying Again if you gone somewhere else, what is  Really  Great massage can Feel like.  Please prepare to be open to how a massage can feel like and let go of negative thoughts and worries.   Please Call when your Ready and I’ll get Ready to prepare and Gift you the Very Best Massage ever.  Feel, Feel Feel and close your eyes, Breathe and Let Go! My Herbal Hair Removal is so Awesome too.

If this does not really interest you? Cool, its OK…. No worries….. This is just what I want to do and I think if your Open minded you will Enjoy for a Very Affordable price.

Safety is Always practiced so you know when you visit my office is Germ Free.

Cheers, Wendy & Nelson