Hot to Trot:) Cool Off With an Aloe Vera Massage:) Cool & Rejuvenating 4 You

Hi Friends, Hope Everyone is Keeping Cool? If Not Remember I Offer a Beautiful Relaxing Yet Class Act Massage:) I’m Consistent In Being a Cool Chick & Have Had My Knocks Too With The Public, Most Folks R So Kind & Never Mean:) Thank you to All My Beautiful Wonderful Clients & If I Have Not Met You Yet? Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t, that Will Be Up To Both of Us When You Call:)
I Will Also Be Kind, Let You Unwind Lift Your Spirits with My Touch, This I Promise You 4 Only $80 Bucks Better Than Going to “Hands & Stones’ In My Option Because, I’m Still Less Expensive & Give You More Time:)
Always Pets R Welcome too:)
On a Sadder Note:( Remember Darkness Is Around Us All The Time:( For Example, a Dark Force Came Into My Place & Never Paid Me Because Their Intentions Were Deceptive:( People Can Smile Even Bring Pets In To Get The Heart To Take Over The Discerning Brain of Judgment:( Why I Mention This Story? Not To Feel Sorry 4 Me But Warn Everyone That This Can Happen To Anyone In Different Ways, Maybe You Got The Bait & Switch, Told You Were Special, Only To Find In Some Review Unsafe Activities Were Done On Anyone With The Right Cash, So Your Not Feeling So Special:( But Remember You R In Wendy’s World:) Am I Special Enough 4 You? So The Motto: You Live & Learn Is So True Is It Not? So My Wisdom For Self Protection, If It’s You Or Another Therapist Like Me .. Here It Goes, I Wish I Paid Attention, Look At Them When They Thought I Was Not Looking @ Them. This Is What I Missed, Watch For a “Shift In Their Eyes’ of Deception, They Will Look Down a Lot, Not Make Eye Contact:( If They Bring a Dog To An Event? This Does Not Promise This is a Good HEARTED Individual:( & It’s Never The Dogs Fault, a Pet Does Not Have a Choice To Choose Their Owners:( Goodness Will Always Win & Darkness Will Always Be Miserable. If It Happens To You? Move On & Keep Smiling & Be Glad You Don’t Have to Deal With Them Anymore Like Someone Else Will In The Future:(
So My Motto: Be Kind, Unwind & Know You R Appreciated Even If You Had a Bad Day:) Call Me If You Have or Just Stressed Out:) I’m Not a Super Wild Chick Like Many Where I Advertise But I Always Will Stay True To You, Look Great, ( I Don’t Look Fat or Old) Gift Great Service, (Longer Unrushed Sessions) & My Voice Is Not a Smokers Voice Only Sweet & Soothing to Fall Asleep To Everyday:)

Have a Very Beautiful Day:) Like “Taylor Swift’ sings, “Let The Haters, Hate’ They will Hate Anyways, Let Them Be Miserable In Their Own Piss:) Let’s Be Happy & Share Some Spirits Togather:) Like Whiskey, Like Irish/Celtic Gals & Irish Whiskey? Let’s Share & Relax Soon In Wendy’s World… That’s the Best! Safe Yet Fun- Oh and the Best Chocolates too:) Maybe, You Gotta Be Super Nice I Guard My Chocolate Box Closely:) LOL
Cheers, Wendy Arlene