Hot! Hot! Hot! In July! What’s New Wendy?

Hi Friends, Welcome to… “Wendy’s World’  Experience a “Tropical’ Environment with Soothing Outdoor Sounds and Island Music’ My Hands are my Greatest Gift and I hope to Share a bit of the Paradise with You!  I Don’t Have a Table Shower but my “Natural Unscented Body Scrub Done By Me with a Soothing Touch! It’s Through Sensual Because you have a Pretty Therapist Addressing Your Skin & Body with Good Vibes! What Compliments?  Try Herbal Hair Removal, For Beach Lovers & For Surprising Yourself and Your Date with Smooth Skin! My video on this website on my “Home page’ really gives you the Details Perfectly!’ My “BodyArtWork’ took 8 Years to Finish & I Have 76 Animals Tattoos! Each Tattoo Connects Togather to Tell a Story! Some may “Think & Judge’ about it. That is OK! My ‘BodyArtWork’ has healed me in Many Ways and with my Love for Tattoos, Lacy & My Pretty Face! it works for me. I can Share the “Why’s’ with Folks and Talk about “Why Animals Are So Cool”  I’m Looking for the “Gems” out there! The Animal Lovers & Sweetie Pies  who like to Live Free of Judgement and Hang Out & Laugh a Bit about Stupid Stuff or ? But, So much Heavy Stuff in the World Going on lets keep it “Light’ Join Me & Be Pampered this Summer with Me, Miss Wendy! I Hope To Meet You Some day! Enjoy Your Healthy Lifestyle Everyday!

Cheers, Wendy