Almost December:) Be Out There This Holiday:) & Stay Warm:)

Hi Friends, Can You Believe It? It’s Almost Christmas & The End of The Year:) Enjoy Many of My New Videos! All Done @ Different Times In My Life With Love & The Passion To Show You How Creativity & Fun U Can Have Too:) So Every Month I Share With You My Thoughts 4 The Month, Good & Bad:) So This Month, I Had a Client Come In @ Get A Wonderful Massage Treatment! I Mean, lots of Stretching, Warm/Hot Stones & Warm Non-Greasy Aloe Vera Gel I Make Myself:) So Afterwards, He Said, “You Know, I First I Thought You Were Way Out There’ ” But After Knowing You & Seeing You a Few Times, You R Smart, Very Interesting & Know You Stuff:)’ So I Thought About What He Said & I Responded Like, ” Hey Some Folks Say & Think That’ He Was From a Small Town & Lets Just Say Not California:) I Said, “Well, I’m Creative & a Free Thinker. I Follow My Own Inner Drummer’ I Once Did Do What Everyone Else Does & That Was “Boring’ & Mindless’ I Hope More People Can Be More Them selves & Be Creative In Their Own Way:) You Can Still Be Super Smart & Pay Your Bills’ LOL:) So As I Gave This More Thought & Thinking About Other “Out There Folks’ Elon & Albert Einstein Because Their Thoughts & Ideas Where Out There Too! How Do Inventions, New Ways 2 See Our Planet If You Don’t Live Out There a Bit?:) I Try To Make My “Massage & Skincare’ Services Be Different & More Authentic 4 You Than Most Out There:) I Appreciate All My Lovely Clients & Hope This New Year Can Be More About Peace, Non Judgement of Others & Love:) I Guess That Comes From My Hippie Side & Maybe The Hippies Had The Right Ideas Than All The Hate Out There Today:( We R All Different & Unique So Embrace That About Yourself & Live Out There a Bit:) I Promise Not To Tell or Judge:) Remember Pets Welcome & Remember If Your From Another Country & Catch My Blog. I Only Speech English & Can Not Access Your Comments:)So Just Enjoy & Be Happy Where Ever You May Be My Friends:) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year:) Coming Soon 2024:)