Happy Holidays Friends Enjoy Pampering In Wendy’s World & Whiskey2StayWarm

Hi Friends, I Hope This Holiday Season U Find Time to Relax? 🙂 Maybe, I Can Help? Warm Heated Healing Stones, My Famous Aloe Vera Gel,(No Grease, Or Perfume Smell:) Yay! No Greasy Coconut Oil Or Other Oily Lotions That R Not Truly Natural:( Thank U To All My Repeat Clients:) I Feel So Lucky & I’m So Glad I Moved to Florida From California:) Some of U Maybe Like Well, Is It Just a Standard Boring Massage? The Answer Is No, Enjoy a Variety of Music From The 70’s To The 2000’s:) Whiskey To Warm You Up But Only a Small Amount to Sample In The Beginning Before You Get That “Great Massage’ My Hair Removal System Is Bring Folks From 2 Hours Away:) Simply The Best For Being Gentle, Long Lasting And an Alternative To Waxing Establishments! I Know Other Places Offer Sex But Keep In Mind To Those of U Who May Not Have a Clue? Many of These Places, Asians, Traffic Girls From Place To Place:( So Yes, U Can Get In Very Fast, Why? The Girls R Not Licensed & Forced Into Prostitution:( So Yes, You Can Get Sex From These Establishments But R U Supporting Human Trafficing? Yiks:( I Hope Not?:( Just Be Aware And I Hope You Enjoy The Holidays But Also Help The World, Planet Be More Loving & Helpful:) That All Said, I Love Animals Big & Small:) I Hope U Can Help Rescue Or Adopt a Angel Out There That Would Love to Be Your Best Friend:) To All The Foreign Folks Who May Read My Post, Merry Christmas But I Only Speak English & Can’t Read Any Response:( So Just Enjoy My Website & Be Nice To People Around You Close & Far:) Too Many Mean Folks That Sit In Front Of a Computer Screen To Judge Others:( Who R We To Judge Another? Have We Walked in Their Shoes? No! So In The Spirit of Christmas Lets Love More & Judge Less:) Cheers, From Wendy Arlene & My Friends In High & Low Places:)