Almost Halloween & I Wish All Of You a Fun Season:)

Great Is Different & I Guess That Is Me:) Why Do What Everyone Else Does Because? Never Be Fearful To Be Yourself:) That Is What You Get With Me:) Authentic & I Care About My Clients:) I Remember Mostly Everything That You Care About & Wish You The Best:) As The World Gets More & More Crazy:( I’m Here As a “Refreshing Alternative To Prostitution Massage! Yes, I’m Not as Wild As Many Of My Peers Or Do I Want To Be:( I Give My “Best Massage’ 4 You, I Trained & Work To Make Natural Organic Aloe Vera Gel & My Hair Removal System Is Awesome:) OK, So We Can Brake This Down More Today & Talk About The Difference Between What Is a “Provider’ Terms Used By Prostitutes Or “Body Rub’ So What’s The Big Deal? Glad You Asked:) Well No Schooling to Test The Abilities To Successful Get Someone Out of Physical Pain Or Hair Removal! Can They Detect Maybe a Mole That Needs Attention & To Point Out, as a Skincare Professional Can:) My Diplomas Hang On My Wall So You Can See:) So Miss Wendy Why Not Just Do Whatever 4 The Bucks & Then Guys that Review Prostitutes Will Give You a Good Review? The “Willie Types’ No Thanks:( I’d Rather Be Liked By The Right Folks Than Liked By The Wrong Folks! So If You Still R Like Well, Prostitution Is The Best! Is It Really? Ok Lets Brake It Down The Way I See It So You Get Where I’m Coming From Here….If a Prostitute, I Mean “Provider’ Sees 2 Clients a Day, 5 X’s a Week X’s( Month) 4 = 40 clients. Very Conservative Probably More But I’m Being Fair/Nice:) Say 20 R Regular Clients Not New But Many See Other Prostitutes In between & 20 New Clients = 40 x 12 =480 Guys Many Let You Know They R Known 4 a Decade So That’s 480 X’s 10 = 4800 Men So WOW!!!! That’s a Lot & This is Very Conservative:) Ask Them? So You Know & Can Understand Why That Is Not My “Business Model'( If You Want To Love Another Women Or R In Love With Another Women Now? Why Would You Bring a Nasty Home? Just Too Yucky 4 Me:( My Massage/Skincare Service Is Not Boring & Very Very Relaxing & Creative:) These “Providers’ Everyday They Wake Up, Suck, Fuck & Get Fingered Everyday! Don’t Get Me Wrong, Good 4 Them If They Can Do That Everyday! Again, I Just Don’t Role That Way & I Hope You Can Appreciate Why? 🙂 Pet’s R Welcome & I Only Ask 4 $80 & Only $20 4 My Awesome Hair Removal System! Gentle & Safe For The Body:) Get Some White Cedar Soap & Aloe Vera Gel Soon:) I Can Only Do Quality Work, So I Do Only See a Few Clients a Day:) So Call Again If I Miss You & Thank U 4 Supporting My Small American Business:) Let’s Pray 4 World Peace & To Be Kinder & More Supportive 4 Each Other:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene