Have a Beautiful Restful Day!

Hi Friends, Wow so much stress out there. I hope you all are finding my website, Informative, Fun & Wanting to Feel Your Best!

I try to schedule Fairly and again, if I have seen you before? Please let me know on the phone, “Hey, Miss Wendy, I’ve seen you before!” This helps me since if your New and just Saw my Advertisement….. I might need to see if I have the Therapies you are looking before I can make an appointment with you.

It’s not hard though, just  decide that the “Best Massage” is what your looking for on that Stressful & Hot day where you just finished a Workout or Work project. Now your looking High & Low for that Awesome Massage Therapist.  My Space is Quiet & Clean. A Place to Park and find a Bit of Quiet & Healing Paradise! I hope to meet you and help you feel better when your ready!

Have a Beautiful Day! Enjoy my Aloe Vera Gel!!! Just Aloe,  No Smell, No Stinky and No Greasy! Also meet,  my southern flying squirrel, “Nelson McNibbles” 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Rodent! He sleeps in his hat most of  the day so here is picture for you incase  your curious what they look like?