Still May! Still Massage is Great!

Hi Friends, I’m so excited to being taking a course down South, June 8th, 2021. I decided to learn more about the Feet. So every two years to update my Massage license, us licenses folks must pick up a course to take…..I Love working on the Feet as well as the whole body approach to Feeling Great all over!

So this is a Thai Foot Massage course. So we will be learning a 90 minute Thai foot massage. So I’m very Excited! I hope you will Enjoy all I learn this Summer to make my practice even better. I really try to do a Fantastic Job for Everyone!

So this all said, here is some Helpful hints and maybe Even Stuff to think about when looking for Relaxation and that human touch.

I know the City may be a bit more Wild in the Art of Relaxation! Please keep in mind when you decide to pick a therapist. Just please keep in mind. Florida is highest in human trafficking and this is Sad. Yes? So just be Aware that its getting worse and Maybe you can save a Girl from being forced to work for someone else and/or do things she does not really want to do there. Is theĀ  establishment licensed and the Girls there? This will keep you Safe and You will be a Super Cool person who cares about humanity.

I hope to meet and Chill with you this Summer?