February Is Here:) I Hope Everyone Enjoyed My Space Poem? :) On Contact Page

Hi Friends, Its February, Yay:) Time to give yourself a Bit of an R & R Experience:) OK, I’ve been to the local pedicure folks in my area:) Yes, my Feet & Toes look Great:) But I can do it Better in the Relaxation Theme of Things:)

I can trim the ‘Toenails’ if needed? For the “Rest’? Its the “Best’ Foot Soak’ with Epsom salts’ followed by an, “Epsom Salt/Sea Salt Scrub with a Massage on the Feet’ ( Reflexology) I model my Feet 🙂 I Love “Feet’ and Yours:) Ask for a “Foot Spa Treatment’ Along with your Wonderful Massage!:)

I also work on a Hand Spa Treatment too:) & Scalp Care:) I Work to have Each & Every Session be as Pampering as Possible:) So where ever you Ever Go, You Will Be Like ….” Wendy Does The Best Job When I’m In “Wendy’s World’ That Said, My Goal, is to have you Feel Better This Way….Follow …. Follow …. Me Here…. My Prices $80 to $100 and that Includes Foot Care, Hair Removal & Massage:) Then What Ever You Do Or Go For Other Services? Maybe I can get you “Looking & Feeling’ your Best’ without the Guilt, Empty Wallet & Wondering if all your Parts are Safe afterwards:) Be the Few The Proud and Think about your Spa Experience Differently:) Yes? Be Smart, Support Small American Business:)

I Hope To Reach Out To a Few of You:) Everyone else, even if I never Meet You, I Still Wish All of You a Happy Day Always:) I Will Want To Talk to You On The Phone First When You Call Me:) I Hope That Is OK?

Have a Beautiful Day:) Oh And I Love All Kinds of Animals:)