Almost March:) Feet Awareness Month:) Best Massage 4 U Always:)

Take Care of your Feet with Me, Miss Wendy Arlene, “Bikini Feet, Strawberry Feet, Fitness Feet & Florida Feet Always Need To Be Pampered:) Yes? Try  My Wonderful Art of Massage By Miss Wendy Arlene:) My Signature Massage with My Wonderful Touch Dedicated For U 🙂 My Gift? 🙂 To Feel What You Feel 🙂 To Gift You How I Would Want My Massage To Feel Like:)

I Know You All Travel Through Traffic & Time Constraints To See Me Or Think About Seeing Me:) I’m Honored & That Is Why I Specialize In Longer Sessions As Much As I Can 4 U 🙂

For All My Clients That Follow Me & Who I Appreciate & Care About So Much…:) You Know I Always Change & Improve My Business While Keeping My Practice Classy & Fun 🙂

True, I’m Not Like Any Lady You May Follow Or Look Up Later:) I Bring a Special Value To Your Time By Making Your Massage Feel So Wonderful That It’s Impossible 4 U To Compare Me To Others:) Just Really Really Want The Best Massage You Have Ever Had In a Classy Style Approach:) New Business Coming Soon & Next Month I Will Let You Know Where To Find Me… 🙂 All I Ask Is Respect & Understanding That I’m Not a Porn Lady But Truly a Unique Women To Meet:)

Have a Beautiful Day & Month ..FYI: Remember I Only Work For Myself and Schedule May Take Time or Not Just Depends On The Day You Call & Time:) If You Talk Disrespectfully Or Ask Stuff I Don’t Do 🙁 I Will Have To Respectful Get Off The Phone quickly 🙁 I Don’t Want To So Please Only Call If You Want The Best Massage 4 Less & The Best Foot Rub Too:) Have You Seen My Office Lately? So Cool 🙂

Cheers, Wendy Arlene 🙂 Remember Pets Welcome Too 🙂 Dolly Rose Got a New Bed ..Happy Girl Today:)  I Got attacked by a neighbors dog so I did something Fun with it above to make “Lemonade Out of Lemons’ Boy It Hurt Though 🙁