Giving Respects To Falling Soldiers & Lovely Pets:)

Giving Respects To The Fallen Soldiers Who Fought So We All Have Freedom To Be Creative If We Choose, To Be Free To Relax Each Calendar Year With a Great Massage! Maybe By Me, Wendy Arlene:) So On This Day & Really Everyday:) Let’s Say “A Prayer’ & “Thank You To All The Fallen Soldiers’ Yay To All Of Them! Now To My Favorite Subject, Puppies, Big & Small:) Remember Pets R Welcome & I’m Working On My Room Next Door, Since I Have a Few To Cater To Pet’s So They Have a Play Room & Toys:) But There is Plenty Of Room, If You Want Them Near To Lie Beside You? I Give Extra Time To Let Your Pet Relax & Get To Know Their Surroundings:) I Met Someone Who Had an Expensive Dog & It Was Such a Cool Experience But Its Hard Too. I Believe In Rescuing An Animal From The Pound:) I See Sometimes Why Folks Do Buy & If You Don’t Have The Time To Train Or Want a “Service Dog’ That’s Cool Too:) Dolly Is Such a Beautiful Rescue Dog & I Believe Everyone Should Have a Dog & Get a Massage:) I Do Screen My Calls a Bit & Ask For My Weekly Word or Phase For The Week So I Get The Right Folks! This Week, I Realize That Sometimes I Have To Use My Intuition To Gauge Who Is Authentically Kind & Who Is Not or Has Other Motives:) I Wish Even Those Individuals The Best & Don’t Hate Anyone:) I’m Just Looking To Do My Best & Offer The Best Massage From Personality, Education & Intention to You, So You Feel Better & Like “Wow’ That Was Different, Authentic & Kind:) Just Do The Same For Me:) You Can Choose Wild & Danger Activities Any Day Of The Week. You Can’t Always Find An Irish Lass Who Will Offer The Best Massage For an Affordable Price No Tip Needed For Only $80 Bucks:) If Your Bigger Or Want Very Deep Bodywork, Only Extra $20 or Herbal Gentle Hair Removal:) Oh Sometimes I Get Foreign Comments That I Can’t Access On My Word Press, So Please If Your a Foreign Viewer? Thank you but remember my Limitations with Technology and Time:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene