Here’s To Wonderful June & My Thoughts For This Month

Hi Friends, I Hope Everyone is Enjoying Their Summer Safely & Getting a Wonderful Massage? 🙂 I Was Busy Last Week, So Sorry If I Could Not See You Last Week:( It Is Hard At Times To Schedule When Sometimes Everyone Calls @ Once To Schedule a Massage:( I Do My Best Though Everyday:) If Your New? I Do Some Screening Of Course. Why? So I Can Get The Right Folks Who Want To Spend The Price For a Massage That Is Fairly Prices, a Massage Where You Can Stay Longer & Feel Your In a Safe Place, “Quiet Cozy Office’ In Palm Bay:) Also, Just Finishing Up Some Video Projects & I Hope You Like My Newest Ones:)? My Thoughts About What’s Going On In Brevard This Month, WOW!!! WOW!!! Where Do I Begin? Sometimes I Like To Catch Some Reviews So I Know How To Screen My First Time Callers a Bit Since The World Is Getting Darker, Seems Faster Everyday @ This Point:( After Reading Some Reviews About Other Ladies In Brevard, Especially Merritt Island to Orlando, What’s Going On? I’m Perplexed after Reading Many Reviews, Like So And So Is ” The Best Massage Therapist In Brevard’ So I’m Thinking, OK Maybe They Do Massage Really Really Well Than I Read This—-‘She Masssaged Me & Than Like Before, She Performed, BBBBCIM, DATY & 69 and It Went On And On, (I Had To Look Up What This Meant, “TUMA” Good Grief, Really? She Is An “Escort’ But Can We Agree, Going To School For Massage Therapy Is Different Profession Than Offering Sex & An Unsafe Level of Service? She Is Not a “Massage Therapist’ & How Is She The “Best Massage Therapist In Brevard’? What Happened To Rachal Thoughts For Your Safety, Do You Want To Love a Women Someday After This Kind of Service Or Go Back Home To Your Sweetie? Having Sex With Someone Who Uses Her Mouth As a Dumpster For Cum Is Not Fair To Ladies Outside Your Hour Of Service! I Remember One Review Said This, “You Either Love Wendy Or Hate Her’ Why The “Hate’? Because I Don’t Do BBBJCIM? Good Grief! My Whole Vibe From Day One When I Moved Here From California Was To Offer My “Best Massage’ Be Pretty Doing It, Be Safe & Make Folks Feel Good About Themselves No Matter Their Size Or Looks’ Keep My Prices Lowest Possible, Be Fun & Funny Too 🙂 The Art of Massage Can Be Amazing On Different Levels. There Is That Version & Many Men Don’t Give a Rats Ass How Many Men Dump Their Cum Into The Quote,” Best In Brevard’s Mouth’ And Maybe Hate Ladies Like Me, Who Knows? Again, “Lady’ Like Back In The Day Is What I Strive To Be:) Hate Me Than If You Must For That! Remember? I’m Not Looking For Everyone to Dig Me, But I Know Many Of You Do:) From The Bottom Of My Heart, I Love You All In Your Unique Way! I Get Disappointed @ Times By The Lack Of Self Awareness But Than One Of My “Coolest Clients’ Visits Me That Day! After The Visit Turn To Me & Say, “Wendy Your a Class Act & I Feel So Much Better After Our Visit, Thank You’ Unquote, Really Makes My Day, More Than You Will Ever Know & Really Makes My Day Wonderful:) Thank You For That:) My Motto, ” Be Kind, Unwind & Know You Are Appreciated In This World & By Me:) Have a Beautiful Summer Cheers, Wendy Arlene