Good Times With Massage! Time is Short Spend It On Yourself!

Be Happy with Me! When you Body Feels Better! You Do Better in All Your Life’s Adventures! Going on a Vacation or Special Event? Maybe a Nice Aloe Vera Facial and/or Hair Removal is Best for You Soon? Call Me! I Do Sometimes Get a Few More Calls than I Can Schedules. I Only work my Business because Honestly, own Me is going to take You Seriously with Caring About You! Typically Most, Only Want Money and I Do Need Money, But Caring About My Clients Means More To Me! So That Said, I Only See a Few Clients a Day! So Let’s Plan A Bit Together! 🙂

You Probably may have Read something about this before but for those who have Not? Here is goes. I write this part out because when I have not, People may think I’m Associated with “Massage Matters’ on Hickory Street! I Do Not Operate My Business in Any way like that. I Work My Own Business My Self to Do My Best! I Do Not Charge You More Than What I Work For …The Best Massage/ Thai Massage is My Love! & My Pets, of Course! And I Do Help Animals Through My Animal Welfare Hobby ..Fystee’s Closet’ So Your Money is Used Well and For Homeless People Too!

Cheers, Wendy