We Are OK! I Hope You Are Too! Bad Hurricane Is Over! Happy October!

Well I hope you did Ok with  hurricane, Ian? Wow, living in Palm Bay, I feel so Lucky! I’m hoping when you See me you Feel the Same? It may take a bit Longer to get some of my Newest videos up since my Tech guy got hit hard living on the West side of Florida! He is OK just No Power & Helping friends! You  can see New Text & Pictures still though the website! Enjoy! Dolly Rose has been battling well, Old Age, but she is Happy & Getting All Kinds of Herbs & Vitamins for Animals. They do work well and she is very Happy to see me Always! This is Why? I got my “Body Art’ started 8 years ago and now you can see More & More pictures of my Beautiful Art! My “Love 4 Animals’ Hang in there friend if things are Rough for you?  If you Feel Stressed Out? Give me a Call and I’ll try to patch up your Body, Mind and Spirit with Humor, Gentle or Deep Tissue Massage and a Place that is Quiet to Relax! I Hope next month to have my first, “Relaxation’ video with Visual  pictures of Nature with Music and a Guided Visual Meditation  for Relaxation & Reducing Anxiety with Wendy’s Words and Sounds!

Cheers to a Better Month and New Year Coming Soon For Us, Wendy Arlene