Happy July To All & My Friends:)

Hi Friends, Stay Cool & Smart, I Hope To Reach Out To Some Of My New & Old Friends, I’m Sorry To Sometimes Add So Much Of The Pro’s & Con’s To The Art Of Massage:( I Feel The Need To Do It To Keep Your Head Up Right To What Is The Dangers & Advantages Of Relaxation & Just Be Up Front:) Not To Lecture Or Be A Debbie Downer. Just Real & Keep You Informed So You Can Live Free & Healthy All Your Years of Life:) Remember If Your Going On Vacation? Or Feel Your Hairy Ass Is Hard To Reach With a Razer? Check Out My “Wendy’s Massage Menu’ Page & See The Difference Between My Herbal Hair Removal & Waxing… My System is From Europe & There Is Zero Pain 🙂 Enjoy a Massage For Less & Look Out For Terms, Heading & Prices If Your R Not Sure If Someone is Legit or Going To Really Gift You a Great Massage:) My Price, $80 Bucks $20 Extra For Hair Removal Best Price In Town:) What To Look Out For, Heading Like, “I Will Blow Your ?’ I Think We Know What That Means & A Price Like $160 or More Usually:( Avoid The Cons, Hepatitis A, B, & C Caused By Oral Sex And Anal:( Therefore For Your Chances R High For You To Keep a Women You Actually Will Love Safe:( & More Easily Spread Herpes Which is The Easiest To Get & Not Curable:( Yiks, So Just If I May Encourage You To Have Fun & Stay Safe Which is Important To Me, Maybe We Can Meet & You Can Feel My Hands Heal & Pamper Your Body Naturally & With Personality:) Have a Wonderful Cool Summer Friends:)