Happy Summer Time & Happy 4th of July:) Yay!!!

Hi Friends, Wow Can You Believe It’s July Already? Well, I Put My Beach Wear Up To Remind Folks To Take Advantage Of My Terrific Herbal Hair Removal Services, Only $20 Extra With Your Massage:) Without Skincare Services Only $80 Because I Want You To All Afford a Truly Wonderful Massage Without The Typical Heavy Emphasize On “If You Have to Tip & How Much To Tip Etc?:( Any Tips I Do Get? I Use Towards “Helping Homeless People & Pets’:) I Will Always Treat You As The “Unique Individual’ You R And I Hope You Do The Same For Me:) Yay I Will Have New Videos Up By The Third Week On July & You Will See My Artsy Photos Of Many of My Body Art Work:)
So Now, To “Words’ And “Terms’ And What They Mean If You R Confused About What “Massage’ Truly Is? I Take My Profession Joyfully Yet Seriously:) I Enjoy Producing My Photography, Videos, Arts & Interlace Them With My Website Here For You To Enjoy:) I Hope You Do? 🙂 I Must, Though, to my Dismay, Also Be Honest & Forth Right About Words & What They “Really’ Mean. Let’s Not BeConfused No More:) Yes? Ok, First The Word, “Nuru’ I Have Folks that Call & Say, “Hey Do You Do Nuru Massage?” Unquote, OK, What Does “Nuru’ Really Mean? “Nuru’ Was Invented In Japan To Disguise The Business Of Sex- Body Sliding-Foreplay to Sex—You Pay For Sex But It’s Disguised By Saying Nuru Massage, Massage Is Not “Nuru’ And “Nuru’ Is Not Massage:) It’s Kinda Unfair to You to Be Promised “Nuru” Pay More & Than Not Get Laid:( Right? Or To Have Someone Get Mad Because Now Your Expecting It But Than Denied:( So Watch for Terms & What They Really Mean:) I Offer “The Art Of Massage’ Trying For An Affordable Price To Offer That To You & If You Take Me Up On It:) I Believe, You Will Enjoy & I Use Only The Best Homemade “Aloe Vera Gel’ I Make Myself, No Scent, No Greasy Feel Along With Warm Earth Stones:) Have a Beautiful Summer & Hope To See You Soon-Remember I Work Part-Time So Be Patient If I Can’t See You The Same Day, I Work for Myself:) Cheers, Wendy Arlene