Happy May Day The 1st Is Here & Now More Longer Days! Yay

Welcome To My Website or AKA “Wendy’s World” You Can Tell, Yes? I Love Animals, Making Videos So You Smile! Know More About Me? I Hope So? Who Else Have You Come Across, Who Does So Many Videos, Pictures & Text!
Yes, I Can Be a Bit of a Truth Teller, Yes, I Get Fystee About Topics! Sorry. Sometimes a Spotlight & Honesty is Refreshing Sometimes! Yes? Bringing Back The True Art of Massage, Great Conversation, Maybe Sample Some Whiskey & Enjoy The Best Massage I Offer. My Best, I Try Everyday!
I Have Met Many Nice Folks & I Love Meeting Your Pets! Being Sensitive to Energies, I Do Screen My Calls & Enjoy a Conversation on The Phone Before I Schedule with You! I Hope That Is Ok? Just Need To Make Sure I’m The Right Therapist For You & Visa Versa!
My Prices Are Super Fair & Reflect Massage Prices! Can You Really Relax with Me? Have Me Give You a Great Massage? Yes? Love to Meet You! I Only Work For Myself So Depending on The Day, My Dogs Health & Life Stuff? I Do My Best To Schedule Early In The Day! Please Understand & Maybe The Next Day Or? The Best!
See My Well Researched & Unique Video Called, “The Day of The Eclipse’ On My Home Page! I Know Off Topic About My Therapies. I Just Was Excited to Learn More & Experience This Event On April 8th Myself! And, You Can See What I Look Like In Motion! Enjoy Pictures of Both Past Present & Somewhere In Between:) Is That Not Nice & Refreshing From All The Fake Pictures You See? Or Generated By AI:( Again, About the Asians Just Ask If The Girl Really Wants To Be There? Are You Supporting Human Trafficing? Or Is Your Soul Advanced Enough To Do The Right Thing? I’m Not Saying This Paragraph To Self Promote. Believe Me, I Have Wonderful Clients Already & Only Looking For Sincere Sweet Folks To Spoil:) After The Eclipse, I Realized We Are Here Too Short of a Time Not To Do The Right Actions! My Motto, “Different Is Great’ Hope That Is OK With You? Have a Wonderful Day! Cheers, Wendy Arlene!