May With a Bit of Mayhem & Thoughts:)

Hi Friends, Usually I Only Offer My Thoughts Once of a Month. Unless I Have Important Stuff To Say:) First, Enjoy All My Wonderful Videos & Pictures of All My Cool Projects:) I’ve Been Doing Some Animal Rescue Videos Along with My Love For Dancing, Especially On The Beach!
Thank You To All My Regular Fun Clients That Are Smart & Enjoy a Wonderful Session That Offers Balance & I Really Care About You Very Much:) Listening To You & Trying To Help You Feel Better About Life In This Crazy Upside Down World:)
So Today, I Was Looking At Reviews About The Asians & Now, I Guess, Finally The Law In Florida Is Trying To At Least Slow Down The Human Trafficing Going On In Every City & State! I Think What Makes Me Sad The Most Is When Some Men Say Things Like, “What’s The Big Deal? “Quote’ “Oh The Horror, LOL'(Joking When Saying that,) I Don’t Think Many Men Know, Care Or Ignore All The Human Trafficing That Goes On, Yes The Asians For Along Time Did Not Have to Get a License, The Establishment Will Have One & Then Stuff Asian Women In Their Establishment To Work & Offer Very Dangerous Off The Rails, Sexual Acts:( If They Were American Establishments Like Mine & I Was Pimping Out Women Like That Yiks! I Would Be Shut Down In a Heart Beat! So For Many Many Years & Probably Still Will Continue Even With Any Crack Down!
So Yes, There Is Horror In Those Places For Women that May Not Really Have a Choice & Men That Write Reviews On Where & How To Take Advantage Make Me Very Sad:( There Are Many America Women Especially In Merritt Island Area For Some Reason That Will Do What the Asians In the Cities Do! They Are Not Slaves To an Establishment Even If 42% of STD’s Have Risen In The State of Florida In The Past Few Years:( @ Least They Could Make Better Choices If They Wanted But Lets Face It. They Make So Much Money Why Would They Go Back To School Or Change? My Business Modal Is About Balance & Safety But Also Gifting The BEST MASSAGE with Genuine Personality & Kindness For You! Always, I Treat You Like The Unique Person & Hope You Can Enjoy a Very Unique Session with Me & Relax In Tranquility & Get That Massage You Are Looking For By a Pretty Lass:) Have a Beautiful Day! Cheers, Wendy Arlene