Happy New Year To Everyone 4 2023

Hi Friends & People I Don’t Know Yet 🙂 Enjoy My Website Packed with Exciting Fun & Very Creative Videos to Enjoy:) My New & Long Time Clients turned Friends know I Love Being Creative & Innovated in All I Do Here:) working on my “Space’ video now with my poem so I’ll try to have it up soon!:)

This year in 2023, I will be selling my Art, My Modeling Photos Of Every Kind either on Instagram or Here! I’m not ready yet but Soon:)

I Try to Always be Different in my Approach to Massage and the “Profession of Relaxation’ using my Fun & Sometime Quirky Personality with my Practice:)

Remember I run my Business myself and work in the Afternoon while working on my other Projects!

Most of all You Will Get The Best Massage and I appreciate the Time each of you take to read my Post & The Kind Texts as well. Thank you and you know who you are:)

That all said, Prostitution is More & More the Thing everyone wants with Docs pushing get up and go pills & ads for Asian Massage of Young girls being Sold across our country! I know Sex is Important to Many but it Brakes my Heart to See this Everywhere theses days!

So Please Remember what you do or don’t do makes a Big Difference to helping our World be a Kinder Place for All of Us to Live!

Cheers, Wendy