Happy St Patty’s Week! Tomorrow. Big Day! Yay

Enjoy a Fun St Patty’s Day Tomorrow. I know, I know not a lot to do. Well have a nice treat or corn beef and cabbage or see me for this Special this March…..I call it a Fun name…. “Booty Spa Pampering” For a 75 minute Session for Only $100 dollars.

45 mins of deep and light massage on the Gluteus Muscles and all the deep lying ligaments and tendons that when pampered and released of tight bound tension can Really Feel Amazing. This Also includes deep pressure point therapy on the rhomboid muscles and if you feel tired? This technique alone will Impress you!

More Included, But Optional, Get your Ass Gently Scrubbed and Moisturized with Aloe Gel. Hair Removal of the Crack, Bikini and surrounding areas included. Remember my Herbal Hair Removal is really really Amazing. No WAX!

The Rest of the session is a Very DEEP Tissue by Request or Med or light Massage!

Please give Massage another Chance with an American Irish Lass. If your Last Massage was not Really a massage and you still want one? Best Clients for me is Anyone with real issues with Muscular Pain.

Enjoy a cold bottle of water after and during session.

Special Gift with any Nice Clothing you Wish to Gift Someone who needs help during theses Rough times. Just bring anything by during your Visit. Every Effect will help someone in need. Homeless. Thank you so much