Have a Beautiful Weekend & January

Here’s just some Beautiful angels I have had over the past 13 years. I know some of you remember and ask about my pets.  I still have Dolly Rose and now, Nelson. My southern flying squirrel….. I guess people think I’m a bit odd because of my Creative Spirit….. But if you want Boring or Normal thinking like our society tries to make us …. Boring sheep that Do, Act and Look like every one else. You would not be Interested in my Website…. LoL….. That all said, Enjoy my Fun videos both on this website and www.welcometowendysworld.com ….

The Bottom Line for this week and this month…. I get Better and Better with age….. I aim to Gift you my Best massage and care about Everyone who is Respectful and Kind back to me.

Have a Beautiful Day …. And remember you can make someone’s day Better & Brighter with Kindness through your Actions & Speech…

I hope to Help you Relax with a Great Massage Soon