Hope July Is a Great One For Everyone!

Hi Friends, I hope everyone’s Summer is a Great one? Enjoy the video below along with all the rest of the videos I’ve made over the years. They are all Different and Unique just like me. I Love doing Massage because I get so Much Great Feedback on my Massage sessions and I hope you get a chance to see me. You may even Enjoy Conversation and Laugh a bit too. The video below is to promote my desire to help people that may not have Nice Clothes, or want a Cool Costume or a Quirky piece of clothing to make a statement. I also need donations of clothes too. So if you have a Cool Outfit that you don’t wear anymore, I’ll take it. Remember, I’ll be gone for one day, July 17th…..Back Saturday with a few openings for a Great Massage!

The video is Fun and should be up here on my Blog entry soon if you don’t see it right away. If you want to see a Big Turtle at the beach? Check out my other video in my last Blog entry. Most of my videos are not professional or with special lighting. Just me and just a little time to put what is in my head into a Creative video for you to Enjoy!