Irish Celebration’s This Month. Scroll Down Old Blogs For Viewing Pet Videos!

Hi Friends, I hope the month of March is the Best Most Relaxing month ever? It will be IF you stop by and see me. The only down fall is I work for myself and thus need my Beautiful Sweet Clients to be patient and call me Early …9am sharp all calls are received for Afternoon Visit Set Ups! Yay

OK, so now for my “Monthly Rant & Thoughts” ….We are lucky to be here in Florida and have the Lifestyle we do….I’m not Ukraine or know anyone that is. But I hope we can all Help, Say a Prayer for the Families and Kids that are Innocent and being Killed! So let’s Pray for them today and everyday!

What’s New Miss Wendy Arlene? I just started making my “Famous Aloe Vera Gel’ Why Make It & Sell It? because once you have had a “Great Massage” with this gel.  Many of my clients want to take some home.  I use Unscented, Non Greasy Ingredients! Words can not describe this Incredible Gel….

I can Add Scents of your Choice  like…. “Lavender’  Sandelwood, (Many Clients Favorite) My Favorite, Orange. ‘Novelty Scents’ like “Bacon Vanilla Ice cream & Italian Leather and More! You can “Sample Smell’ and “Pick’ for yourself. Enjoy!

Last, someone said Central Florida was a “Wasteland” this is not True. Palm Bay & The Surrounding Area is My Home… It is what you make it. People have said I work and live in an “Industrial Complex’ That’s Ok! You can make your Paradise anywhere and see Beauty Everywhere if  you see the Goodness Everywhere! Great massage with the Irish Lass, Best Music and Coziness Anywhere even in an Industrial Complex!

Have a Beautiful Day …Oh, and Thank you to all my Newest & Oldest Clients. Thank you from the Bottom of my Heart for Supporting my Small Business! You all mean the World to me. …. Oh, I also like to do “Foot Rubs” Everything you get from a Pedicure without clipping your nails & Hot Steam Facials! Enjoy