It’s Still May:) LOL I Typed In March Last Time, LOL Time Flies, Sorry:(

So What’s New? What? Your Asking “Wendy Arlene, the Celtic/Irish Lass? 🙂 So, Just Got Back From a Trip Down To Coral Springs, Took My Credits For My School in “Massage Therapy’ But Broke My Phone:( But My Phone Still Works, Just Not My Screen and Boy I Take Many Photos:) So now, Besides Always Using “Aloe Vera Gel’ That I Make & Really is the Best is the Biz:) I now, Offer another Amazing Product Used with The Aloe Vera Gel’ that I make myself called, “Wendy’s Whiskey Tonic’  a Gel:) Just Great Stuff & Works Wonders on Feet & Back Congestion:) Excess Oil and My Feet Rubs R Truly Wonderful:)

I Know You Have Other Options & I Hope To Keep Massage Super Exciting In a Classy Skilled & Thoughtful Way:) Yes, I Need Money, Who Doesn’t? I Want To Help You & Earn It Right But At The Same Time Have The Best Massage You Have Ever Had:) It’s Only $80 Bucks & I’m Just as Skilled As Anyone Out There if Not Better:) I Want To Be Liked For All The Right Reasons:) Loved, But I Won’t Push It:)

Only $20 for Extra Hair Removal Or a Bigger Person with Large Muscles & Wants Deep Tissue & So I Can Treat My Hands After with Extra Lotion:) Just Kidding

I Don’t Use Wax, Again I Don’t Use Wax, LOL Remember It’s Barbaric & Hurts the Skin:(

Great To Feel & Look Smooth:) Be Safe Out There & Love An Animals Today:)More Videos Coming The Third Week Of May:)

Cheers, Wendy Arlene