Happy May Fun:) With Massage, Skin Pampering & Info To Keep In The Know:)

Enjoy Always a Beautiful Fun Massage:) Don’t Pay The High Prices & When a Gal Says She is a Provider and Prices Start @ $150 Plus Plus You R Not Getting The Massage You Deserve:( Have Fun & Enjoy If It’s Your Thing? šŸ™‚ A Smart Pretty Lass Who Looks @ You Like a Friend & Not Just an ATM Ticket:) I Want To Help You & Have a Few Laughs & Try Some of My Fun Relaxing Spirits/ Beverages:) Taking a Course in the Art & History of Fine Whiskeys Around the World:) Wow So Many of Them to Learn But Such Fun:) Enjoy with me, but not Too Much:) I Will Be Gone This Sunday May 7th, 2023 to Take My Extra Credits To Keep My Massage License:) I’m Taking Another, “Thai Foot Massage’ Course with one of my Favorite Teachers Down South:) So Enjoy Some Good Old Foot Rubin, Massage At It’s Finest For Less And Don’t Be Fools By Those Who Advertise Around Me That Say They Are Providers, Why Have Them Provide You a Over Worked Over Stretched “V’ (no Thanks if I was a dude) massage and if no main squeeze? Porn Please — Skip that Bullshit & Just Get a Good Massage:) For a Better Massage Then Anywhere Around Town For Less:) I Do Screen Calls & Some Folks I May Not Be The Therapist 4 You and Visa Versa and That is OK:) Yes? No Hard Feelings:) I Just Tell When Someone May Be Looking 4 More & I Hate To Disappoint or Work Really Hard And All You Want Is More Than My Ad and Skills Can Provide @ the Level IĀ  Wish To Go:) I Hope You Understand? Have a Beautiful Day & Remember to Help the Wildlife Around You Since Florida is Being Built up so Fast:( Maybe a Bird feeder or Two?

Have a Wonderful Day:)