Merry Christmas Friends

Hi Friends, Happy Holidays To All Of My Dear Clients/Friends, I went to St. Augustine last month, November! With Covid, I did not go anywhere and some of you probably think, “Wow, Does Miss Wendy Arlene Ever Get Out Of Town For a Vacation?”LOL 🙂 Well, I do Love to Offer Massage & work hard @ it by studying, making new videos and having Longer Session 4 clients. Enjoy some of my Newest Videos! I did have to Learn on my own how to put up my own videos and basically run my own Website! You know how Creative I Am But now I’m learning more Tech stuff so You can see More Pictures, Text & Hopefully Videos!
@ The End of March, I’ll be taking my Credits 4 my Massage license! Every two years anyone who is Really license has to take continual classes! It’s Funny to me when someone is like, “You Really Know What Your Doing’ & Become a Regular Client! Thank you! Next year, I’ll be training in the Art of Thai Massage! I took a class before for Thai Foot Massage! If you have not had me do a Treatment on your Feet yet? Try it!!! Just Ask! I Love My Feet & Believe Foot Rubs/Massage Feels So Good Too!
Have a Beautiful Holiday! FYI: I Put a Fun Picture I Found From My Days In California when I went to China Cove in Carmel! I was doing so Fun pictures for my girlfriends kids and stuffed myself in a suite case dreaming on a Cruise someday! LOL 🙂