Middle On June Madness-Stressed? Who Is Not These Days

Hi Friends, I Hope Everyone is Enjoying Their Summer?:) Remember, I May Not Always Advertise In Some of The Places I Have In The Past, I Will Just Not As Often, If Possible! Why? Because Where You May Have Maybe Found Me, I Get Clumped In With Everyone Else:( If You Know Me Some? I’m Not Like Everyone Else, I Don’t Do Just Anything For Money & I Want To Always Earn My Money With Gifting You My Hands, Personality & A Great Safe Place To Visit Always:)
What’s New Wendy Arlene? Great Your Asking Today:) I’ve Been Working Hard On My Art Work, My Own Photography For The Past 12Years & Finally Will Have Them For Sell Soon On Etsy:) I Will Let You Know When Here Soon:) If You Are Dealing With Injuries, Lack Of Modality Or Just Super Stressed Out & Its Effecting Your Body? You Will Love My “Serenity Movement Therapy’ Video, 50 Minute Video & You Will Have Lot’s of Ideas, Techniques & Ways To Get Your Body To Fully Relax Anywhere:) I Always Try To Teach These Techniques At My Office In Palm Bay:) I Will Be Adding In July a Full Range of Therapies For The Feet:) Yummy! So You Can have a 30-45 minute “Feet Therapy Session’ Followed By Massage:) Or Massage/Stretch 4 Specific Concerns:)
Pets Are Always Welcome, I Have Toys, Water & a Large Play Pen If Needed & Variety of Drinks for You:)
Remember Please, I’m Fun & Affordable But I’m Not a “Merritt Island Lady’ Some Will Sport They R a Massage Therapist But Really They Want Your $200-$300 Dollars & Offer Sex To Anyone That Walks In:( Keep In Mind This, “Anyone Who Walks In, Before & After You Maybe’ Reviews Go Like This, ” She Did BBBBCIM— On And On So Just The Money & The Next Guys Health— Swallowed a Load With Chit Chat After & On To The Next Sucker Who Arrives:) Yiks These Ladies Might Be Busy or Richer Than Me But Yiks Again…. I Don’t Want To Make Money That Way:( So If You Just Want a Cool Irish Gal To Make You Laugh And Come Out Feeling Great & I’m Very Pretty Too:) Maybe I’m A Better Alternative! 🙂 Yes ? Have a Beautiful Day & Summer:)