Hope All Is Well In June For Everyone?:)

Hi Friends, I hope everyone is Enjoying their Summer?:) Are We Not Lucky To Have Such a Beautiful Place To Live & To Enjoy Our Beaches?:) We Have Fresh Air, Low Crime & Great Fresh Watermelon To Enjoy:) The Older I Get, The More Gratitude I Have For The Small Stuff, Or Maybe Not So Small Afterall? We Are Only Here For a Short Time & So The Past Few Weeks, I’ve Been Going To The Beach More With My Beautiful Dog, Dolly Rose, She Is 13 Now, So Everyday With Her Is Previous To Me:) Just Finishing My Video Projects. I Will Let You Know Where You Can See Some of My Creative Video Projects:) Etsy Will Be One Of The Sites & One Other. I’ll Let You Know Later In The Month:)
If Your Looking For a Great Safe, Relaxing Place To Get a Massage, a Really Thoughtful Massage? I May Be Your Gal, If You R Looking For Other Activities? I’m Not Involved In That Way:( Lot’s of Bust Going On, Human Trafficing:( So Why Pay For That! Right? Every Action We Take In Life Can Make a Great Difference In Your Life Or Not? Let’s Hang Out & Enjoy Humor, Thoughtful Conversation & Let My Hands Offer Your Body a Chance To Heal & Rejuvenate Naturally:) My Products Are Made By Me From My Aloe Plant In The Kitchen & My Whiskey/Rosemary/Aloe Vera Tonic For Your Feet & Specific Soreness:)
Enjoy Photos At Beach, Creative, Some Older, Mostly New & Just Fun, Fun Fun!
Cheers, Wendy Arlene