Still Hot, Hot & Super Hot …New Stuff Is Taking Off But …:( …

Hi Friends & People I may not know Yet! So I have not worked too Much Healing the World one Touch @ a Time! Dolly Rose, my Little Tiny Bundle of Joy! Her back Hips went out on her. So she can’t walk right now! So I’m finding a Solution by getting her a walking harness and getting over my sadness about it. Here is a Picture of both of Us on July 4th and Yes, I will be Sporting more of my “BodyArtWork” better in Person to Check out & I’ll be back for Sure Next Week! 🙂 If I have not seen you Before! Just Call Early the Same day and Gift Yourself an Outstanding “Thai Style Massage’ I’ve Upped My Game and Now I’m getting More and More Folks Calling Me Back So Quickly! And, That’s What I Want so I can Advertise Less and Spend More Time with You! Lot’s of Time, Skill & Authentic Kindness Always! Down Fall ..It’s Only Me, So Be Patient and Let’s Plan and Make You a Regular Client too!

Disclaimer: I’m Really Really into Massage! Schooled and Licensed in Skincare, Massage & Yoga Degree from California! When and If I Advertise where that is ? It’s Because its Free, Gets a Few Folks Really Looking for a “Great Long Thoughtful Massage” I’m not going to Screw you or Pretend “Massage Matters’ as a Title to get you here to see me, Or,  be “Deceptive’ about my Business. Folks that advertise around me is what they say about what they do! Maybe they Do Massage? Maybe they want to get Noticed and Really Don’t? I Don’t Know and I welcome for Freedom of Speech! So Please Read about Me and If You like My Vibe and want a Fun Authentic Massage? Call and Pets Welcome!

Cheers, Wendy