Wow What a Shitty Year! But Here’s Hope!

Hi friends, Wow what a year from the start. Yes? Well, hang on there friend.

Let me Give you a Great Massage! Wow, I’m Feeling like my Practice is Improving Leaps and Bounds



I use to think when my mentors would talk about Energy and Really Relaxing the mind be able to really Gift the Best Massage! I thought they were too Hippy like. Yes? You know what I mean. I was raised in California so it would be Nature for me to introduce this type of mind set in my work.

I finally, understand how its Really done and it ma

kes such an Amazing change for my clients Body, Mind & Attitude.

Along with Fun Music and now my little Buddy, Nelson! My southern flying squirrel always in his cage. Makes it so Interesting.

Most of all I’m Always Very Safe and have an Air Filter, Tested and Sanitize Everything, Everyday! But still be Safe out there.

Tips: Be safe out there and try to feed you Body with human touch if its me or someone else. Just check your environment around you and Enjoy your life.

Think Safe Live Free!