Happy St Patrick’s Day & Next Day!

I had so much to do on this Fun Fystee day, St, Patrick’s Day and now it might be March 18th:( Oh well its better to be late then not here at all:) Yes? Enjoy this Beautiful weather and remember if its Cold? Enjoy my warm stones with my fresh made by me, “Aloe Vera Gel” Wow:) I get so many Compliments on my products and I hope you can Enjoy one of my Session Experiences Soon?:) I always get better and never stay the same and even my very few but ‘Some Haters’ will  still look to see what I’m doing next:)LOL I always try my Best to Improve and my goal is to bring the “Art of Massage’ back to Full Appreciation & Most of All “Respect’ for the Job of Totally getting you to Feel Your Best:) So give me a chance to give you the “Best Massage’ if you are looking for “Sex’ ? I’m Not Your Girl, Sorry to Say:( So you will find for sure all around my ads, women who will do Anything for a buck, which makes me sad but this is a Service that many folks want. I’m looking for the few and super nice folks who would like the spend time with me and Enjoy being yourself on my table and let my hands and products show you what I can do and I’m Super Pretty too:) My Bikini Classic Photo Art will be for sell soon and you will not see my Best work for now but you will see some soon:) I will share soon about my new projects! What I learned this year, “Friends are hard to come by and Love is all you need but be careful who you call friends and if you want my advise? Your pets will never let you down just feed them and shelter them and they will “Love’ you always!

Cheers, Wendy Arlene