April Is Here:) Daylight Is Longer Too:) Yay…I’m Here4You

Hi there, to all my Coolest, Kindness Clients/Friends, Thank you for you Support in my Dreams & for the Positive feedback in all my Newest Therapies:) If you are New to Miss Wendy Arlene’s World and might be Interested in “Gentle Hair Removal” ? Please go to my page close by called, “Wendy’s Massage Menu’ and see my video called, “Space Coast Treasures’ for Details Information:)

Enjoy some of my Newest pictures and I hope you Enjoy You Classic Vintage Art? 🙂 I’m a Model, Artist & Therapist and Combine my Massage & Skincare Business with my Artsy side:)  A new video coming out soon on my Contact page, called, Silent Space Movie. If you like the one I have up now? You will like the new one and more of me in it and super creative:) Inspired by the silent movies of the 1920’s and how well they were made and very funny:) See Dolly Rose & Me still pretty girls:)

I’m still figuring out word press here so be Patient, I see on the left Comments so for foreign folks or whatever, I can’t see them or read them, so maybe just skip doing that on my site:) Just enjoy

Have a Beautiful Day