Still April Showers with Sunshine- Add Healthy Massage:)

Past & Present:) New & Older:) Life Goes On For a Healthier Life 4 Both of Us:) Enjoy Just an Artsy Lovely 100 percent of my Effort Massage! Yes, like my Post Represent, I Am Not a Money Grabber or Sell My Soul For Cash! I’m a Truly Unique Irish/Celtic Lass, 100% & was Taught to work hard for my Keep:) If You Want to Just “Fully Relax’ and Enjoy of a Bit of Fystee Lass? I Maybe you Irish Gem:) See my “Beautiful Artsy Leg Art’ I’m now a “Ink Model’ I Sport both my Before & After Photos because I look even better just have “Ink Art’ to Represent my Love for Animals & To Be More Unique about my Passion 4 Pets & Wildlife!:) We are Losing R Wildness with all the construction here in Florida:( Wildlife is Displaced, so if you can? Help Animals in your neighborhood if you can would be Great! 🙂 Yes? So for my Bit of Dismay, Seeing Girls in Merrit Island now, offering Crazy Unsafe Practices Now:) Be Safe, May Reviews R Saying these middle aged gals R doing BBBJCIM I did not know what that meant till I looked it up:( Wow!!! So Dangerous for Everyone! Why? Because one lady for sure is doing this with Many Many Men a Day! So the “Liberty Love Shit’ May just take you to the Doctors Office for your Jewels to get a “Liberty Anti-Cream’ that may or may Not work to get ride of what ever the Last guy had, Yiks:) Be Safe Please Please Please! Even if you think, ‘Ya Wendy your Sweet and All But I Need a Prostitute” Ok Good Luck But Be Safe So Florida can be a Wonderful place for you to be healthy for many years to come! 🙂 Yes? Ok Enough of that but look @ Reviews Before Your Jewels R No Longer Your Jewels but a “Hot Mess of Rashes’:( It’s Always Good to Just be Honest and I am not trying to hurt others Business practice, just Sending an SOS to some that may not know before hand! Now you know and now I go to take a walk:) 🙂 🙂


Cheers, Wendy Arlene